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Posted on August 31 2020

Hello Cosme Hunt readers! I hope you've all been taking care of yourselves and enjoying all the new articles being published on our blog— our productivity has really been growing! Speaking of which, COIVD-19 has been dragging on plenty long and I've got longer hair than ever before. However, there's one kind of growth that takes more than just time, patience, or hard work: growing your eyelashes!

This week, I studied up on natural lash growing techniques. It’s exciting to step away from skincare for a week and learn something new. Did you know that more or less, we live with the same number of eyelashes forever? False lashes are always going to be trendy, but how much do you know about how eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes impact your natural ones? It’s complicated, but join me in learning how to get the absolute most out of our few, precious natural lashes!

Tips for Natural Eyelash Growth

I consulted some excellent lash growing guides and did some sleuthing of my own to figure out the secrets behind lash growth, and it’s worth starting with the most basic advice of all! No eyelash curler or lash kit can match the growing power of our bodies, so keep in mind normal hair and skin health techniques. 

The first order of business- think about your usual healthy lifestyle choices. You know that relaxing, eating a diverse diet, and getting good sleep is key to promoting growth, so why not double down on that? It may not be glam, but start from the bottom up: anything rich in biotin likes almonds, salmon or avocado are going to be key. Find some good nutrition resources online and treat your lashes as part of your usual growth priorities.

Stress is of course going to ruin proper growth of eyelashes just like everything else. Beyond moisture and proper nutrition, not putting excess strain on your lashes with the heavy product or curling is going to keep them from getting brittle— always look up guides for gentle curling and makeup remover techniques. But again, your body needs good sleep and relaxation to grow, so make extra room for that now that you want to see eyelash growth.

Mascara? False Eyelashes? What's safe?

Of course, just because we don't want to stress out our eyelashes does not mean we can't use any products! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to falsies, eye makeup, or applicators but there are some good themes to keep in mind.

Always err on the side of caution-—if you have a physical eyelash curler, consider looking up a guide on proper use to make sure you don't cause harm. Likewise, it is a good idea to figure out whether the falsies you use are causing damage. If you are serious about growing your natural lashes, get advice, and ask people whether using certain false lashes have caused natural lash damage. Better safe than sorry!

Mascara lovers, rejoice! There are a few good rules to keep in mind for safe eye makeup use. Be sure to know when is a good time to let go of makeup that has spoiled- with mascara, the idea is to throw it out after four months. You do not want to put anything on your lashes that will hurt them, so also consider light or natural products that promise to be delicate. 

Additionally, pay special attention to how hard your mascara is to remove. Waterproof takes more time and effort to remove, so tube mascara that comes off easily in warm water is gentler. Don't be hasty with your credit card— lookout for best sellers and popular non-waterproofs. Here at Cosme Hunt, we swear by ANGFA for its quality and reputation, and if you want to grab a lovely little J-Beauty stick, the Browlash Neo Lash Up Mascara is super easy to remove!

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Last, of all, a tried and true way to get natural growth is using a serum! Eyelash growth is complicated, and in order to get more results when you already eat well and don't hurt your lashes is to apply the nutrients they need directly. The complex ingredients in ANGFA's 8-part formula are brought together to maximize growth, so be sure to consider using the serum! 
For beginners or those who don't want to apply serum multiple times a day, consider ANGFA's mascara that includes their lash growth formula. Easy to just put on like normal mascara without totally changing your routine for the sake of your lashes, this little product is a great way to dip your toe into the world of growth serum! Just be sure to regularly and gently clean it off at the end of the day!

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The grand finale of course is ANGFA's serum itself! Coming in at a more reasonable price than most growth products, and coming with the expert background and popularity of the ANGFA brand, a bottle of this will do your lashes right. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions and put it on multiple times a day, and you can start seeing results in just two weeks!

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A Shopping cart full of ideas

How is that? I hope you were able to take away some tips that really work for you or got interested in following up with any of the products mentioned! Today, everything is available on Cosme Hunt, so avoiding an Amazon order is my free gift to you. Look forward to long and lush lashes!

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