Cosme Hunt was born in San Francisco in 2018.

It began when founder, Chloe Takahashi, noticed that

her friends in the U.S. were looking for more cosmetics and skincare options.

She recommended a few Japanese products to their liking and

it had sparked their desire to explore more Japanese beauty products.

However, Japanese beauty products are harder to obtain around here, and

there are a myriad of J-beauty brands that have yet to be introduced in the US.

That's when she realized the opportunity for a J-beauty community in the US

providing tips, information, and accessibility to Japanese products.

Creating a strong, engaging community to inform and inspire people

about J-beauty on a holistic scale is what we aim for.

We are traveling between Japan and the U.S., thoroughly crafting a platform with

the most quality J-beauty products. 


At Cosme Hunt, we are a curated destination site

that makes all the best beauty products, the latest skincare, and information

from Japan accessible to beauty-forward people all around the world!

We look forward to sharing our experience and passion for beauty with you.

Let's demystify the wonderful world of Japanese beauty!



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