How to Honor Earth Day with your Beauty Routine

Posted on April 22 2021

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Earth Day is an important worldwide event that focuses on doing our part both through individual actions and holding governments and companies to fight climate change. Although I typically edit for Cosme Hunt, I wanted to write this article because I think about sustainability in my everyday life. From using reusable cotton rounds instead of disposable ones to having a minimalist beauty routine (we’re talking cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and SPF at most), honoring Earth Day in the beauty industry means being mindful of the purchases I make and how they might contribute to the climate crisis.

Reduce waste by switching to multi-pack sheet masks

Around 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped in the ocean every year. Sheet masks packaged in single-use packs can add up in plastic waste if you're an avid masker. To address these concerns, J-beauty brands have introduced multi-pack sheet masks that contain 20 to 30 masks in one container, drastically reducing the amount of plastic waste per mask.

saborino face mask pack

Lululun Face Mask in Pink

LuLuLun Face Mask in Pink ($20)


SOY ISOFLAVONE NAMERAKA Wrinkle Facial Mask ($18)

Support sustainable brands

Many Japanese beauty companies are dedicated to reducing their carbon emissions, water consumpion, and energy consumption. These efforts help curb the contributing factors of climate change. Other factors to look for that indicate sustainability in products: minimal packaging, vegan ingredients, glass or metal bottles, and recyclable plastic.


Masami Travel Kit

Masami uses seaweed in all of its products for its plethora of beauty benefits. To give back, Masami works with local Japanese fishermen and coastline preservation groups to research the growth seasons of the seaweed. Masami also founded the MASAMI INSTITUTE to fund ocean conservation research in Japan following the impact of the tsunami on northeast Japan in 2011.

Masami's products are also vegan and cruelty-free, which means they do not test on animals and do not use animal products and byproducts in their formulations. Masami doesn't use sulfates, parabens, or phthalates in their products, making them safer for us and the environment. To learn more about Masami, check out Viet's article on Cosme Hunt!


momopuri by bcl on cosme hunt

BCL releases annual statements on reducing packaging waste, pollution, and energy consumption. They also formed a local environmental conservation group that participates in clean up and environmental education. At one of their manufacturing locations, BCL uses 125,000 kmh of electricity generated from wind power every year in its cosmetics manufacturing activities. Using renewable energy and reducing waste and pollution are notable steps in addressing climate change.


 Sekkisei by Kose Product line at Cosme Hunt

KOSE has created a Sustainability Plan with goals to reduce water consumption in the creation of beauty products. In addition to those steps, KOSE is committed to reducing their waste, pollution, and energy consumpion by releasing annual statements of their consumption and waste. Lastly, their Sekkisei line has its own Save the Blue campagin and project dedicated to saving the endangered coral reefs in Okinawa as well as donating funds to NGOs involved in coral reef preservation.

It is encouraging to see Japanese beauty companies making efforts to reduce their impact on the Earth by reducing their water and energy consumpion, pollution, and waste. This Earth Day, I'll be spending time to reflect on my consumption and waste. I hope this article has inspired you to further look into brands dedicated to sustainable practices and initiatives. After all, we only have one Earth.

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