Rank Up Your Night Skincare Routine with This: Foo Tokyo

Posted on December 18 2019

Hello everyone! How have you all been?

2020 is almost here and this is definitely a busier time of the year for everyone.

Are you having enough rest? Or are you feeling a little tired? 

I definitely am tired. Nowadays, it has become harder to take a good rest since the world is so fast-paced and we’re always surrounded by information. 

Today, we’re really happy to introduce some luxury Japanese cosmetics and products for you; Foo Tokyo

Their concept is really appealing; Nothing is more Luxurious than Offline.

Treat yourself with Foo Tokyo and recharge for the rest of 2019!

What’s so Special about Foo Tokyo?

I would say these night cosmetics are special, mainly for these 2 reasons below:

1. The power of plants familiar to the Japanese

It is often said that the power of the Japanese plant is amazing, and they mainly use 3 Japanese plants:

  • Yoshino (For moisturization and beautiful skin)
  • Pomegranate (To Improve skin firmness)
  • Aloe (Maintains elasticity and glossiness)

For Yoshino, this is one of the most famous cherry blossom called “Somei Yoshino” in Japanese. Pomegranate and Aloe are some of the superfoods expected to provide health benefits. 

Not only them, but there are a bunch of Japanese plants used by Japanese skincare products. 

2. Organic Night Cosmetics

No ingredients such as fragrances, synthetic colorants, surfactants, parabens, or silicon are used. Only ingredients that are purely necessary for the skin are carefully selected.

Foo Night Care Lineup

1. Night Rich Lotion

150ml / 3,980 yen (36.38 USD)

150ml / 3,980 yen (36.38 USD)

“Guide your skin to the relaxation mode.”

This can be the 1st step for your skincare routine. The texture is watery and refreshing, light and comfortable to wear. I think the way it gently sticks to the skin feels amazing.

2. Night Serum

30ml / 4,980 yen (45.52 USD)

“To supple, firm and moisturized skin.”

This is an item that resets the skin that worked hard all day. It contains moisture and keeps the skin shining until the next morning. The texture is thick and soft. It is not sticky and adapts to your skin. It is also unscented, with no coloring. 

3. Night Milk Lotion

150ml / 3,980 yen (36.38 USD)

“To a healthy glossy skin, like a sleepy morning.”

This can be the 2nd step for your skincare routine and it is a thick and soft milk lotion. It is not sticky and easily adapts to your skin. It is unscented and has no coloring.

The skin condition changes every 24 hours. Skin regeneration works naturally during sleep. Foo ’s night cosmetics make up the beauty ingredients that make your skin happy during that period. 

4. Night Cream

50g / 4,980 yen  (45.52 USD)

“Contains moisture and keeps the glossy bare skin until the morning.”

It contains moisture and keeps the skin glowing until the morning. The texture of the cream is thick and soft. Ingredients that are contained are spring water, thermal water, sunflower seed oil, and so on. It is not sticky and it adapts to your skin.

Additionally, it is unscented and has no artificial coloring. The cream is as comfortable as a facial mask. I think it is easy to absorb the product, and has a rich, nourishing feel.

5. Bath Oil

30ml / 2,980 yen (27.24 USD)

“The luxurious scent creates a wonderful bath time.”

A bath oil that protects and keeps the skin moist with pure oil. Ingredients that are included are pure oils such as argan rosehip oils, and kaninabara fruit oils.

You can just put a few drops in the bathtub and the bath oil spreads thinly on the surface of the hot water. When you get out of the bath, it’s like you are wearing a thin oil veil on the surface of the skin that protects your skin from sudden dryness after bathing. This keeps the moisture and elasticity. 

Four plants that protect the skin after bathing:

  • Rosehip (Tighten skin sagging and pore opening)
  • Sunflower (Relieves dry skin after bathing)
  • Sideroxylon Spinosum (Moisturizes dry skin)
  • Geranium (Supports skin barrier function)

Learn more about Japanese bathing culture here.

Find Your Moments of Relief in Your Daily Life

People who are said to overwork themselves. People who have difficulty taking time to rest. People who don’t know how to find your relief moments. 

Foo Tokyo can be your solution for this. From the moment you receive the box, you’ll be delighted.

Turn your skincare routine into a relaxing time instead of a hassle.

Not only do they have night cosmetics, but they also sell room wears and towels so please check them out from here

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 Maria Kurata

Studied international business in San Francisco after studied law and politics in Japan. Maria focuses on marketing and project management at Cosme Hunt.


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