7 Must Get Japanese Christmas Coffrets 2019

Posted on December 24 2019

Hello J-Beauty lovers! How have you been these days? And yes, Christmas is coming soon! Are you excited? 

The Japanese beauty market is full of Christmas coffrets this year as well. Christmas coffrets are the beauty gift sets that get you excited at the end of the year. Many Japanese get in long lines for these at the department stores every year and yes, I also did when I was in Japan!

Today, I’ll share the top 7 best Japanese Christmas coffrets for this year for you here. Are you guys ready? Keep scrolling and let me know your thoughts below!


  • Price: 14,300 yen (tax included)
  • Release Date: November 1st, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • Sparkling Foundation Primer (001)
    • Foundation Primer Limited (002)
    • Lip Sticks Cradle (001)
    • Lipstick Limited (008)
    • Lip Treatment Balm (001)
    • Eye Color Limited (015)
    • Lip Gloss Limited (006)
    • Bow Zehnder Brush (011)
    • Cream Eye Color (001)
    • Nail Oil (001)
    • Nail Polish (026)
    • Cleansing Cream 
    • Oil
    • Cleansing Gel
    • Cooling Lotion
    • Herbal Lotion
    • Hand Cream
    • Body Oil
    • Compact (L01)
    • Compact Limited (003)
    • Lipstick Case N (L01)
    • Lipstick Case Limited 006
    • Pouch Full Two

Many of my friends agree this price is too good for these 24 amazing products. Including two popular primers, it has base makeups, point makeups, lips, nail polishes, skincare products, body care products, and pouches. That can already be a decent set of makeup tools so it’s very convenient. This is for those who focus on skincare since it contains a bunch of skincare products. 


  • Price: 13,200 yen (tax included)
  • Release Date: November 1st, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • Body Scrub (200g)
    • Shower Oil (300ml)
    • Body Lotion (100ml)

SABON is well-known for its high-quality body scrub. Many people in their 20s’ gift these for their friends. This is a stained glass motif Christmas coffret with a special feeling. Body care is essential, especially in winter. Winter in Japan is extremely dry so it is important to know how to keep the skin moisturized. Christmas coffret has many cosmetics so body care products are rare cases.


  • Price: 8,250 yen (tax included)
  • Release Date: November 1st, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • JILL STUART Her Favorite Eyes
    • JILL STUART Her Favorite Gel Eyeliner
    • JILL STUART Her Favorite Lip Gloss
    • JILL STUART Her Favorite Face Powder

Every year JILL STUART releases such a lovely and gorgeous Christmas coffret. They usually have a couple of types and I’ll pick one of them from this years’. This one is princess themed and it has a girly feeling to it. It is sold out soon in the official online shop. The cute, outstanding items are suitable for both girls and boys. Each container has a pretty design.


  • Price: 10,000 yen for A and B each (two-color variations)
  • Release Date: November 1st, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • SUQQU Designing Color Eyes (128 Scarlet Lights-HIAKARI)
    • SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes (106 Temperature focus-ONKOGARE, Mini Size)
    • SUQQU Furouresu Lip Gloss (108 FUKAHI KOKIHI, Mini Size)
    • SUQQU Original Pouch A (Red)

SUQQU is really famous for a holiday collection. There are two types so you can choose the one you like. Is the color scheme suitable for the base color of the face (yellow base and blue base)? The color of A is so gorgeous and cute. And the color scheme of B is calm and mature so it can be used by people of all ages.

5. RMK

  • Price: 8,800 yen (+tax)
  • Release Date: November 15th, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • Glow Sticks (EX-02)
    • Creamy Foundation (EX102)
    • Basic Control Color (N02)

This is a set focused on base makeup only. It may be purchased in combination with other Christmas coffrets. The design of this package and porch is by an illustrator, IDOIA MONTERO who lives in Spain. He works on a wide range of magazines, CD jackets, advertisements, product designs, and custom-made artworks. His unique worldview continues to attract his fans.


  • Price: 8,000 yen (+tax)
  • Release Date: November 8th, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • LUNASOL Eye Color Configuration
    • LUNASOL Dress For Lips (Gloss)
    • LUNASOL Skinny Color Glow
    • LUNASOL Original Pouch

Overall, this coffret is charming, mature and gorgeous. The color scheme is a bit difficult, so if you want to challenge a different type of makeup, this one's for you. The porch is also cute and easy to use. By the way, these purple and pink color became popular as "Reiwa color" for a time in Japan this year. This Reiwa colors; "Ume" "Violet", and "Cherry Blossoms" were selected based on these representative flowers in Japan that signal the coming of spring.

7. Cosme Decorte

  • Price: 7,000 yen (+tax)
  • Release Date: November 1st, 2019
  • Line-Up:
    • Eye Glow Gem (PK891)
    • Lasting Gel Eyeliner (RD402)
    • The Rouge (RD459)
    • Powder Blush m (PK805)

It is unified in red and black which looks adorable. It has a full set of makeup since it contains eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and cheek. Price is relatively cheap and reasonable. Even if you have never used Decorte, this may be a good opportunity to start using this brand.

Good Times, Good Cheers.

How’s our last article for this year? Hope you got some inspirations from our article. A lot of new exciting things are coming up in 2020, so Cosme Hunt team will work together and do our best!

Hope this Christmas will be a cheerful ending to this year and a great beginning to a happy new one!

Comment down below and let us know what you think about this article! 

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 Maria Kurata

Studied international business in San Francisco after studied law and politics in Japan. Maria focuses on marketing and project management at Cosme Hunt.


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