Community Spotlight: J-Beauty Around the World with Lizzie

Posted on February 17 2021

Next up in our Community Spotlight series: Lizzie Yen, aka the one editing this article (hi)! 

Hey Lizzie! Let’s keep the ball rolling with these community spotlights. So Lizzie, can you tell me about yourself? Like where you’re from, what you studied/study, and what you do at Cosme Hunt. 

Sure! I'm from the Bay Area (Northern California), and I went to school in SoCal. My area of study was "Global Studies," which I would describe as sociology with an urban emphasis. As a part of that program, I lived in Koreatown, LA and Quezon City, Philippines with host families and local internships! I also just got back from living in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. I’m currently the Editor-In-Chief at Cosme Hunt where I manage the blog as well as edit anything, from blog articles, to emails, to Instagram captions.

Oh hey, you lived near my dad’s family in the Philippines. Did you notice any stark differences between the beauty standards/expectations when you went to the Philippines compared to LA?

Yeah, I'd say the most noticeable differences were that whitening creams were pushed pretty heavily in the Philippines. In LA, and most of the US, more people want to be tanner (darker), whereas in a lot of Asian countries, they want to be "whiter" (lighter). In my experience, Asians also prefer more natural makeup than heavier looks like I've seen in the West.

Hard agree on natural vs. heavier makeup! So I’ll hop back to Cosme Hunt. Cosme Hunt is a company that makes Japanese skincare and makeup more accessible. What was your introduction to J-Beauty? Was there a specific product that got you on the J-Beauty train?

My first introduction to J-beauty was the Cure Natural Aqua Gel! I've been using it for a while as a quick exfoliator twice a week or after I clean off my makeup. While I was living in Japan, I also started using the SENKA Perfect Whip Facial Wash since it was sold in drug stores and it's pretty cheap, yet effective. I just love how foamy and soft it is!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel available on Cosme Hunt

Oh man, effective drugstore cosmetics are top tier. So I’ll close this short interview out, alright? I see the term “holy grail” thrown around a lot in beauty circles. So tell me, what’s your J-Beauty holy grail?

Oh wow, it feels like there are so many J-beauty products that I'm in love with. For the sake of narrowing it down, I'll pick the Dazzle Carat Eyeliner in Brown because I think it deserves more praise! I bought it somewhat recently since I needed a brown liquid liner, and now it's basically the only eyeliner I ever use. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge, and it's perfect for a more natural look. The tip is also really fine, so it's useful for a more precise application. Skincare-wise, I’ve been loving the Kitao Matcha Facial Cream. It’s really been saving my skin during the winter, and I always adore products with such natural ingredients. 

Oh, I love me a good eyeliner! (chef’s kiss) Thank you for your time Lizzie! 

Well, that was me! Hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about the person behind the blog. This is the part where I plug my own Instagram 😉 We’ll see you next time! 


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