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Posted on May 22 2021

Spa Treatment iMicro Patch

Pamper yourself with Cosme Hunt!

Hi everyone! As Spring turns to Summer, productivity is ramping up for us here. To kickstart our summer, Cosme Hunt is going to start hosting monthly, virtual events "Spa From Home" to introduce beauty lovers to a J-beauty brand, Spa Treatment, and their new product, the iMicro Patch! These virtual events will be a monthly occurrence until December 2021, so there's plenty of time to become a part of these livestreams to try out these products. 

What is Spa Treatment? 

Spa Treatment is a Japanese skincare brand that began as a beauty salon that has now started to create their own products. Their goal is to deliver salon-inspired skincare to those who seek beauty through the "theory of dermatology," which Spa Treatment has described as the relentless pursuit of technologies and ingredients that they believe can best benefit skin. Their products aim to "reset the skin" through exfoliation and cleansing to give your skin a pure, cleansed state to energize and even out the skin. 

What is the iMicro Patch? 

Their product that we'll be testing is the iMicro Patch: Microneedle Eye Patch. This eye patch combats aging around the eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and hydrates under the eyes, all in one patch. It's created with the latest skincare innovation technology and includes non-invasive microneedle patches that contain hyaluronic acid, which you can read more about! 

I want to participate in the virtual event!

We'd love to have you onboard to try these products with us! Just send us an email at telling us you're interested in the event and that you heard about it from this article. We'll send you more details after! Even if we've reached the maximum amount of participants for this month, there's still a chance for you to join us in the upcoming months until December, so let us know if you want to participate!

We can't wait to show these products to everyone and help spread the word about more J-beauty brands. Hope to see you all there! 

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