The Perfect Time to Take Care of Your Skin: Biore

Posted on June 23 2020

When it comes to our skincare routines we definitely have our fair share of choice. There are heavy-night creams, the DIY cucumber and citrus combos, and the masks! The biggest difference between these options seems to be time.

While I’m all for a good health-inspired, and Pinterest friendly, DIY recipe, a ready-to-use option is sometimes warranted. This is where Biore comes in! Not only is it super affordable but it is sold over the counter. You can literally find it on your next trip to the drug store (or here).

Biore is J-Beauty

The first thing we need to note about Biore is that it is a J-Beauty product. The term itself means that a product has been made specifically for the Japanese market but is being sold here in the United States. The reason that fact is appealing probably has to do with a theory that involves your favorite meals and your mom. Let me explain.

Your mother probably made you two or three meals that have always tasted, smelled, and made you feel a certain kind of way. These are the meals that get us out of an emotional funk or that we crave when it’s cold outside. The thing about those meals is that no one else can do them justice. Even if your favorite restaurant makes the same meal more complex, or if they use ingredients that are simply fresher or more unique, they never quite match what your mother did in the kitchen. She simply made things better. This same paradigm applies to skincare and to J-Beauty products, and specifically to Biore.  

The cliché is that Japanese people seem ageless because of great skin. While perpetuating stereotypes isn’t the intention here, there might be some truth to that particular cliché. Who better to lead the way in our skincare regimen than Japanese culture that seems to be doing skincare the way our mother made homemade chicken soup. J-beauty products are simply better made.

Don't be Dirty

The important thing to note about any product that you’re about to try is to pinpoint its foundational focus. If you shop Biore products right now you’ll see several different types of cleansers and makeup removers. While the ultimate slogan for the entire year of 2020 might be Don’t Be Dirty, it is as true as any other statement about hygiene in regards to health. If you care about healthy skin, you’ll care about cleaning your pores. 

Here are another one of my favorite cliches that holds so much truth, cleanliness is close to godliness. That might be a reference to keeping healthy rituals more than it does to dogma, either way, keeping clean equals keeping healthy, and that’s a good way to live.

Starting With Our Pores

Human beings can’t seem to keep their hands off of their face - specifically, their chins, foreheads, and noses. Those of us who rock bangs, or eat without napkins, or whose children or pets don’t understand the concept of personal space will understand why it is impossible to keep dirt from piling onto the most exposed patch of skin on our body - the skin on our face. 

The CDC has warned us about keeping our hands off of our face since early March. Have you noticed how difficult that is? There are several reasons why. Do you live in a crowded, or semi-populated area? Then the skin on your face is being exposed and bombarded with fog and general pollutants in the air. Do you live in a rural area or a farming community? If so, your face is exposed to pesticides or pollens that could irritate your eyes and nose, making it more likely that you’ll touch your face more often. The keyword here is exposure. Every single day the skin on our face is exposed to dirt and general nastiness and this is why it is imperative to include a skin regimen that emphasizes cleaning out your pores. 

Clean pores equal a clean surface area, which is the basis for clean skin. Any product line that you try should begin in the beginning - which is to say that clean pores are an important foundation. Also though, cleaning your pores feels great.

Clean, Crisp, and Clear - Like  A Python.

Have you ever seen a python shedding its skin? No? Well, if you haven’t you’re missing out. The video link in the last sentence was watched 8.4 million times.

What is it about an animal shedding its skin that is so appealing to such a large number of viewers? It must have something to do with the curb appeal of cleanliness. Clean, crisp, and clear skin is worth watching. 

If you want to know what it feels like, you have to try a Biore’s Face Deep Cleansing Scrub. I hate to bring her up again, but your mother also said things about scrubbing pots, pans, and bathtubs in order to keep them clean. The same is true for your face. Little tiny particles in face scrubs rub in and out of groves in your complexion pulling with them tiny little particles of unwanted pollution, makeup, dead skin, and lots more. They also feel great.

Why Biore? Why Now?

Let’s face it (pun intended), makeup counters in the malls are closed, malls are closed, Sephora is closed and Ulta is closed.  However, even when they open, will the trip and potential risk be worth it? This is the perfect time to buy Biore because you can pick it up at your local drug store, and, of course, here. Here’s an added bonus to the convenience of shopping Biore products right now, once your mom sees how clean your face is, she’ll be so proud!

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 Olga Rosales Salinas

She writes about her passions; health, fitness, family and skincare. She loves Japanese products specifically because they promote holistic health and beauty lifestyles.

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