Shiseido Comes to Harajuku, Tokyo!

Posted on August 05 2020

Hello Cosme Hunters! Somehow, the year is past half over, but there's still lots of fun to be had in the coming months! Today I have a different sort of story to share- one that looks at the new beauty concept being opened by Shiseido in Tokyo! 

Being completed around June despite slowdowns from the virus, Shiseido's new Beauty Square location is placed very strategically at Harajuku Station in the "WITH HARAJUKU" complex- whether or not you already know just how important Harajuku and Takeshita street is to Tokyo's culture, it’s an extremely fun topic to learn about!

Shiseido's Big Tokyo Move

The "WITH HARAJUKU'' complex is truly right outside Harajuku Station, the center of the iconic pop culture and street fashion haven that is Harajuku. Near Shibuya city, and by the Jingu Mae way to the hugely popular Meiji Jingu Shrine, this Harajuku location is sure to draw in a huge amount of tourists and locals alike. It’s near the popular Aoyama University, Ukiyo-e and Nezu museums and even department stores, affordable yen shops and the Laforet and Omotesando shopping areas! The kawaii monster cafe, crepe, ice cream, and cotton candy eateries the area is known for helping to create huge energy of cuteness.

Whether shoppers are in the area for boutiques, Shinto shrines, or even the nearby luxury district of Omotesando there is a serious draw for everyone to the shopping complex. While Shiseido has an excellent first-floor location for Beauty Square, the building is also home to more big names like Uniqlo and even an Ikea! However, Shiseido surely is not relying on other stores to draw in customers- the plan here also includes high-end salons and a Shiseido Parlour on other floors of the building!

Why is Shiseido interested in Harajuku?

With Shiseido's long history of success around all demographics and even the world, it is curious why they have chosen to invest so heavily in an area known specifically for its vibrant youth culture. The answer is that the company earnestly wants to connect with the youth culture of the immediate area! The area is near Shinjuku, Yoyogi park, the Meiji Jingumae station for those sightseeing Emperor Meiji's shrine (and the nearby Togo Shrine) or Omotesando (with its famous five-stars toy store Kiddy Land). However, beyond crepes and the kawaii monster cafe, Harajuku itself is hugely well known for its impact on pop culture.

Japanese pop culture has been hugely shaped by the original street fashion young girls in the Shibuya area pioneered, and it's been a highly visible part of the culture of Harajuku station and the shopping streets in the area. Furthermore, Gothic Lolita fashion, anime-inspired Kawaii cosplay and loads more Japanese fashion is highly visible here, and it draws in people looking for cute Japanese trends and unique pop culture.

Shiseido has brought on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a hugely beloved idol who represents Kawaii and much more Japanese popular culture, as ambassador for the Beauty Square opening year and give the events being run some more personality. The move is extremely smart- Shiseido hopes to ally itself with the vibrant Harajuku style and help diversify the image of beauty.

A Diverse J-beauty Mission

Shiseido says that it hopes to communicate to young visitors the diversity of beauty. They hope guests can "Experience the fun of beauty and discover the charm of themselves," and do so with lots of visual and interactive experiences at Beauty Square!

Visitors can enjoy displays meant to show off the idea of diverse beauty and attend events designed to promote it too. While shopping, they can even make personal avatars with the popular ZEPETO app on huge LED screens and leave with that little memory! Glowing spheres change color to reflect the idea of diverse beauty, and numerous other art displays and pop-up shops color the floor to make for a truly rich and vibrant experience. There are even trained artists and meet-up sessions for even more personal connection and personal beauty enrichment. 

Kawaii and J-Beauty together

So, how does that sound? Harajuku has plenty of fantastic boutiques and crepe shops, but the "WITH HARAJUKU" building's sheer size and scope seems like one of the most interesting additions the area has seen in a long time. Usually driven by youth culture, it seems a bit interesting to imagine Harajuku girls hanging out in a fancy skyscraper, yet Beauty Square seems to bring together all sorts of fashionable young people with its vision!

There is no denying history is a strong part of Japanese culture. Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken are still honored at the Meiji Shrine, and sightseers still flock in droves to enjoy its beauty. Shiseido too has been around for over a hundred years and continues to prove the beauty of endurance and innovation. The contrast of new, colorful culture and traditional, refined beauty may just be great! The way that Tokyo blends fresh and classic excitement feels extremely rich.


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Shiseido's Beauty Square is a very innovative and fresh addition to Harajuku, and the vision of connecting young people to classic J-Beauty and the magic of their own beauty is a very moving one! Shiseido has proven time and time again that it is a strong and enduring brand, and this seems like one more interesting move to stay ahead of the curve and keep all kinds of Japanese women enjoying the sheer quality of their products!

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 Arya Arsenault

Studies Japanese language and culture at the University of Massachusetts. Loves Japan’s pop culture and learning about its trends!

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