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Posted on May 15 2020

What is Addiction?

ADDICTION” literally means “addiction”, where one is dependent on something, or to be jealous, and to be unable to stop the sensation of wanting.

Cosmetic brand "ADDICTION" is the original brand of AYAKO, a makeup artist active in New York. If you are familiar with KOSE, this is their brand.  "ADDICTION" is a very popular brand that has always ranked high in the top cosmetics rankings in magazines and on the internet, and it has a great reputation for its high-quality glitter eye shadows and pigmented colors. It's often featured on Instagram and YouTube make-up videos, so you may have seen it or heard of it before. What’s so mind-blowing, is that they have 99 different color variations! With 99 different colors to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match for you. However, I can understand that looking through all 99 colors sound overwhelming. Here are some recommendations and different types of eye shadows to choose from!


If someone mentions ADDICTION, I immediately think of "THE EYE SHADOW". Before I found it, I had issues such as:

I loved the color and the shade, but the makeup didn't last long."

"I found an eyeshadow that lasts long enough, but it was out of my price range."

"I found an eyeshadow that lasts long, but it causes itchiness on my eyes."

One day, my friend gave me THE EYE SHADOW as my birthday present, and it left me in awe! Although this may vary from person to person, I found that it lasted for a long time, with good color development that won’t make my eyes itchy. Since this amazing encounter, I keep using it as one of my favorites.


Source: Addiction
Three Reasons for the popularity:

1. Abundant color variations of all 99 colors

  • WHITE / BLACK series (11 colors): Finishes with a sharp makeup look. Also recommended for outlining the eyes. 
  • PINK BEIGE (11 colors): It features a gentle color that is essential for natural makeup.
  • YELLOW BEIGE (11 colors): Bright beige to give glossy look to the eyes.
  • PINK / PURPLE system (11 colors): The point is to have a good color shade that can express sexy eyes.
  • YELLOW / GREEN series (11 colors): Characterized by color development that gives a cool impression. Recommended for early spring and summer.
  • MATTE BROWN (11 colors): A brown type that is easy to use on a daily basis, and gives more dimension to your face.
  • PEARL BROWN (11 colors): A brown shade with a pearl-like shine. Perfect for a gorgeous and elegant eye look.
  • ROSE · BURGUNDY series (11 colors): Gives an impact to the eyes. It has a deep color and a chic finish.
  • ACCENT (11 colors): Recommended for accents and point makeup around the eyes.

2. Texture different from silky (S), matte (M), pearl (P), metallic (ME)

Silky: It is highly transparent and gives a delicate pearly look, like a veil.

Matte: Non-pearl matte finish that projects vivid colors just as you see them.

Pearl: The perfect mix of beautiful brilliance of a delicate pearl and the clear color.

Metallic: Shiny and metallic finish with sparkling pearls and shimmer.

There is also a champagne color that contains a large amount of glitter that shimmers when you apply it, and a matte color that can give you a simple and delicate texture.

3. Purchasable from 1 color. 

I think we’ve all been there. We want one specific shade, but you’d have to buy the whole pallet for it.  You end up buying that pallet only to use one of the shades and the rest stays untouched.

Addiction eye shadows are sold in a single color, so you can just buy the exact color you want. Also, it can be used together, paired with other different eyeshadows so you can use them without wasting them.

How about buying one color as a trial? That also sounds appealing to me, since sometimes, I’m not sure if the color would suit me.

4. Your own original pair 

If you buy Eyeshadows in their compact case, you can create your own original pallet! Of course, even if you just buy a single color ADDICTION eyeshadows can create an astonishing look. When you combine it, though, it gives you an amazing synergistic effect and the gradation will add more depth and definition on your looks. ... The possibilities of beauty are endless! If you set it in a separately sold compact, you can complete your own "My Best Palette".

99 Shades to Choose From...But Where Do I Start?

If you are like me, you are probably overwhelmed to look through all 99 shades to suit your taste. Here are the top 3 most popular shades from THE EYE SHADOW, to help you get started.

3. #85 Shanghai Breakfast

This brown based mauve color with its red and gold shimmers give a feminine but mysterious look. When it’s under a light, the brown looks red or pink-ish, which makes the color not too girly. This color is great for those who want something a little different from their every day- looks, especially if you have blue undertones.

2. #92 Mariage

Source: Mariage

This champagne beige color with a dewy look, will dress up your looks instantly. The gold shines just enough to brighten up your eyes, while keeping it classy, perfect for a night out. This shade matches with almost any color, so it might be a good idea to have one by your side. It’s recommended for those with both yellow or blue undertones. 

1. #99 Miss You More

Source: Miss You More

For the first place, we have the shade, Miss You More. You might be taken back by this bright pink shade, but don’t let that fool you. When applied, it actually has a very sheer, gold- pink color with bigger glitters. The gentle pink color gives a natural pigment, with slight shimmers to brighten up your eyes. You can incorporate this versatile color into almost any look, making it so popular. It is recommended especially for those with blue undertones.

There are so many possibilities with these eyeshadow colors, and you can play around and have fun with them to create different looks. These top 3 most popular colors are more on the basic side, but if you want a pop of color, there are so many brighter colors you can choose from. 

Summer 2020 Collection “KALLARA DAZZLE”

In April 2020, 18 new types of eyeshadows were released as “The Eye Shadow L”.

There are four textures; metallic, pearl, matte, and cream, and each has a limited color that you can only encounter this summer.

Metallic: Shiny and metallic finish with sparkling pearls and glitter

 #160 Rich sparkling gold

 #161 Pale pink with a warm glow

 #162 Red pink like the glow of a ruby

 #163 Brick brown that has a luxurious shine

 #164 Champagne beige reflecting the image of the hidden treasure in the temple

 #165 Light green gold that shines through a mysterious forest

Pearl: The beautiful mix of a delicate pearl and a clear color 

 #166 Brown inspired by the land of India

 #168 Red-brown with delicate pearls

 #171 A green that imitates the luster of a mysterious pond

Matte: Non-pearl matte finish that shows vivid colors just as you see them.

 #167 Matt red with saffron color

 #169 Matte brown like a burnt earth

 #170 smoky matte emerald

Cream: A glossy finish with a dewy texture

 #172 Gold inspired by the Indian god

 #173 Sky-like orange dyed in red

 #174 A faintly shiny dark red

 #175 Brown gold with a smooth luster

 #176 Khaki that gives a deep luster

 #177 Dark emerald that shines from deep inside

Please check out the website if you are interested.

Look Ahead

Looking through all these colors, I get the urge to try something new and different from my usual makeup looks. The smoky matte emerald (#170) shade from the summer 2020 collection really caught my eyes. I think it’s such an elegant, mysterious color that I usually avoid because of how challenging it looks. However, this shade looks so natural and lively at the same time. I don’t have to buy a whole pallet so I might as well give it a try, right?

Anyways, I hope this article gave you some ideas and inspirations to explore various colors that you can wear on different occasions. Have fun finding your favorite one from the different textures (silky, pearl, matte, cream, metallic) and the wide range of shades to choose from!

Thanks for reading my article! See you soon!

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 Mayuko Fujiki

Studying business in Seattle after finished studying Western History in Japan. Loves eye shadows and curious about skincare and beauty foods!


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