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Posted on June 02 2020

Hello again, Cosme Hunters! It feels like Summer is finally on its way, and it seems like everyone is giddy to get outside and have some fun again. That said, that’s not the reality for everyone! Between safe indoor activities, staying out of the heat and working from home there are a handful of important reasons to keep inside, and we are here for you!

Today, I did a special look at Eye Care for long days of working at your computer. It’s a pretty serious topic! I’m not alone in spending huge amounts of time sitting at the computer all day for work, play and everything in-between. Rather than fight out new sedentary lives, there’s lots of work you can do to make peace and stay healthy while your life goes digital. Seriously! And it’s a complicated world, too, so without further ado let’s take a look!

What is Eye Strain?

It’s no secret that using computers all day can be a burden on your eyes- we’ve all heard about blue light, dry eye, and vision loss risks. To talk about this, doctors have coined the term Computer Vision Syndrome. It might sound scary, but we can all relate to at least one of the symptoms associated with it- from dry eyes to blurred vision to even headaches, long computer days take a toll on us all.

But what really causes this? You can walk away from this article with a huge step up in the game of eye care once you know about Eye Strain. Eye strain comes from repeatedly using our eyes to read text, getting bombarded with glare and harsh light from computer screens and not blinking nearly enough while typing away. It might sound scary, but there are TONS of popular and easy ways to keep your eyes feeling free and healthy, even when working from home!

Easy Breezy Eye Care

To figure out some easy tricks for keeping our eyes safe I looked around for some of the best articles and guides I could find online. WebMD and Marie France Asia had lots of helpful tips, and I brought together a top three for you to study and make the most of in your own life!

1. Can You Hi-Five Your Monitor?

This one might sound silly, but it’s my favorite! If you extend your arm out fully, can you hi-five your monitor? Seriously! A great way to make sure you aren’t leaning too far forward, or sitting too close to your monitor, is to use your extended arm as a unit of measurement- if you can flatly place your hand on your monitor (of course if you don’t want to get your screen dirty, I understand) then you are a healthy distance away!

What’s this all about? Well, screens emit an awful lot of light, much of it at intense frequencies that are too much for our eyes to just absorb all day. To give them the proper distance from such strong light, and make sure you’re at a good distance for reading comfortably, this distance has become a popular one for safety.

2. Can You Read Your Fonts?

Do you like small, fancy, cursive fonts? Ones that you really have to squint to read, and can hardly tell the o’s from the a’s with? Turns out, squinting too hard to ready hard to read font can do some serious strain to your eye muscles. It makes sense! Set your fonts, whenever you can, to big, round and easy to read ones and you can make sure your eyes aren’t doing too much heavy lifting all day and getting tired.

3. Are You Practicing 20/20/20?

This popular and catchy method uses figures of twenty to give your eyes a healthy routine break. How does it work? Well, the idea is every twenty minutes, take twenty seconds to look at something twenty feet away. This often means getting up from your computer (I often take the moment to stretch) and switching out of up-close reading mode to let your eyes work out and focus on something a bit further away. In the long run, this routine will make you millions in eye relaxation!

When Preventative Eye Care Isn't Enough

After all you can do for reducing eye strain, working at a computer all day will still leave you with muscle tension and soreness around your tired-out eyes. The final and most crucial step I recommend for taking care of your eyes is using measures to heal and rejuvenate them! 

Fatigue and tension are no good to leave untreated, but how does one go about taking care of their eye muscles? Being really delicate and no so easy to stretch, taking care of your eyes takes a special sort of care. To achieve the many sorts of healing and relief you’ll need, look no further than Megrthythm’s Hot Steam Eyemasks.

Using the power of hot steam and natural essences, these masks promise to provide relaxation and relief. You can let your face soak up warm floral or fruit essences (full of their own vitamins, like the Yuzu version packed with Vitamin C) while soothing your tired and sore eye muscles after a long, long day of typing.

Looking for bonus relaxation power? Enjoy the calming power of the rose eye-masks! These use the powerful floral essence of rose to add some bonus gentleness to your eye-mask session. Need even deeper relaxation? Tap into the sleepy energy of chamomile or lavender too! Not only for tea, the Kao eye-mask line lets you enjoy hot-steamed chamomile and lavender essence for deep eye relaxation too.

Of course, enjoying some time with a mask and warm steam always has its own quiet time benefits! Anyplace we carry stress is bound to get worn out over time, and it’s often when we’re most stressed we least realize we are carrying tension at all! Take some time to put on a warm eye mask sometime soon and let yourself heal with the power of mindfulness and comfort. 

・$22.00 USD

・Offered in Rose, Yuzu Citrus, Lavender and Chamomile 

・All available at Cosme Hunt

And there you have it! This spring, many of us may have had our first experiences working at home, and I hope everyone is adapting the best they can. While being a huge change, long days at a computer can have a certain calm to them as long as you’re sure to stay healthy and mix things up- even for your eyes!

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