How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips: DHC Lip Balms

Posted on May 22 2019

Who does not want beautiful, pink and juicy lips?

For me, dry lips and chapped lips had been always suffering me especially in the winter time, and I really didn’t know how to heal it. 

What definitely causes Chapped Lips?

Everyone can easily get chapped lips, especially if you have dry skin and sensitive skin and lack of moisturizer can make the issues worse. These following can be common causes for chapped lips:

・Humidity in the air during the winter months

・Frequent sun exposures, sun damages and dry     weather in the summer

・Habitual lip licking and biting

・Mineral and vitamin deficiencies

・Allergic reactions

・Retinoids, Lithiums, Irritants

・Chemotherapy drugs

I work in tech and have the unconscious lip-biting habit and lip licking while thinking deeply about something, that also made my lip really chapped!

Today I’d like to introduce you DHC Lip Balm as one of the skincare products which is famous for lip treatments and changed my Lips completely juicy and healthy.

What is DHC Lip Balm?

DHC Lip Balm conditioning Lip balms provide long-lasting moisture for more luscious-looking lips and one of the well-known Japanese home remedies.  

I first tried this Lips when I was 16. I played tennis outside every day and had been exposed to UV rays at that time. My Lips looked terribly and I accidentally found DHC Lip Balm with vaseline at the convenience store while heading my home.

Since then, I am obsessed with DHC Lip products! It helps my lips keep moisturizing and prevent chapping.

Blended with skin-softening botanicals, it glides on smoothly to instantly hydrate your Lips to keep them feeling pampered, soft and dewy. There are so many Lip balms on the market but the difference is, some are mediocre and others do the job, and these cover the latter. It’s shaped more like a Lipstick and a fab shape to apply. It glides on leaving a glossy, protective and clear creamy layer on the Lips of which you can layer up without it being too sticky. I am absolutely loving DHC Lip Balm.

How to use Lip Balms?

 The way to use is basically the same as you usually do with lipstick.

But the key here is you apply DHC Lip Balm straight from the top the bottom along the vertical line of your lips.

Another best way I suggest is that when you are about to sleep, apply DHC Lip Balm and cover your lips with saran wrap for 30 mins to 1 hour.

It moisturizes your lip immediately and you'll get amazingly glossy lips when you wake up in the morning. 

Do you want to know more about DHC products?

Photo credit: Maiya

DHC products are usually available at drugstores and convenience stores such as seven-eleven circle K in Japan. Luckily, we are considering to deal with DHC Lip Cream on Cosme Hunt soon!

Leave your comment if you are down!

The lip is not so expensive but also lasts long. It's being my fav lip cream for 10 years.

Do you want to know more about DHC?

This is also a good review post written by Maiya we found online. Check it out! 

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Chloe Takahashi

CEO, Founder of Cosme Hunt. Chloe has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US. She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare.


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