J-beauty: 3 major “Puchipura” brands you can get started with

Posted on August 21 2018

J-beauty: 3 major “Puchipura” brands you can get started with


Studying marketing at a Japanese University and working for a cosmetic app FAVOR as a side project. Loves eye makeup and proud owner of tons of eyeshadows and mascaras.  

What is "puchipura" anyway?

“Puchipura” is a Japanese word mainly used by teens or millennials that describes affordable items. While people in Japan seek the lifestyle with some luxury named brands, quality and affordability are also favored to moderate their budgeting.

Read more about Puchipura through our previous article!

Keeping up with Beauty Trends with Puchipura Cosmetics

It will cost you an arm and leg to purchase all these beautifully packaged luxury brand cosmetics. However, we would all like to try out trendy palettes or new technology to spice up our beauty routine.

Here, we would like to introduce 3 puchipura cosmetic brands which have long been around and have held trust from consumers in Japan.


integrate lip stick and eyebrow mascara

Integrate is Shiseido’s puchipura cosmetic line you can purchase from most Japanese convenience stores (konbini in Japanese). In Japan, you can walk down a street and you’ll find convenience store in every corner. You can think about the frequency of finding a convenient store the same as finding a Starbucks in the States. Accessibility to trusted puchipura cosmetics matter for busy Japanese women. Suddenly, you might need to touch up your makeup for an unplanned business meeting, for a night out, or for staying over at your partner’s place.

integrate lipstick and eyebrow mascara

Dark rose toned packaging with heart-shaped motives are iconic and small size packaging can use minimal space in your purse. Most of the items come with small brushes and applicators or roll-up mechanics.


majolica majorca puff de cheek

From the name, this puchipura cosmetic sounds like a magic spell and also has the appearance of a magical item. Majolica Majorca is also owned by Shiseido. Each item has a small emblem embedded with a hidden message behind.

Some people find that this branding resonates with luxury cosmetic brand ANNA SUI, for its collectable packaging filled with unique and playful inspirations. Many Majolica Majorca users seem to choose this brand also because of its unique and playful packaging design. Not just that, their products are also acknowledged for its high pore coverage and high pigmented eyeshadow for the price you are paying.

majolica majorca puff de cheeks


canmake lip tint

Every Japanese girl must be familiar with Canmake cosmetics. They are probably the most accessible cosmetic brand for anyone who once was a little girl without access to credit cards. Canmake is always the first puchipura brand to introduce trendy items with affordable prices.

Your buying habit kicks in and you find yourself with a basket full of eyeshadows and lip tints. You are still paying as little as $70, which you could have ended up spending for just one eyeshadow palette of a luxury brand.

With J-beauty, we care to invest in more expensive products for our base makeup. (Like foundations, cleansers, etc)

However, It’s a J-beauty’s secret to add puchipura items like Canmake to jazz up their makeup routine.

Their “Perfect Stylist Eyes” eyeshadows palette, “mix eyebrow” palette, and “stay-on balm rouge” are favorite and popular makeup items among girls in the late 20’s or early 30’s.

canmake liptint

A huge number of diverse puchipura cosmetics exist in Japan and not many have been introduced into the western market yet. It’s time for high-tech J-beauty to be re-introduced to the western market with wide-ranged product options, and not just luxury brand lines such as SK-II.

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