Best Sellers: A Guide to High-Quality Japanese Sanitary Pads

Posted on August 08 2019

What kind of sanitary items do you use?

Pads, tampons, or menstrual cups?

Sanitary pads (sanitary towels) are used less frequently by the women due to symptoms such as "steaming" and "itching" therefore tampons and menstrual cups are good alternatives. Although sanitary items around the world are changing, many Japanese still prefer to use pads and this is one of the important parts of our protection of health.

Do you know why?

Japanese tend to use them more frequently since Japanese pads continue to be researched and evolved to avoid “steaming” or “itching”

It is often said that a typical woman goes through more than 12,000 sanitary pads or tampons over the decades that she has her period. According to the HUFFPOST, it is even said that "On average, a woman has her period from three to seven days and the average woman menstruates from age 13 until age 51. That means the average woman endures some 456 total periods over 38 years or roughly 2,280 days with her period -- 6.25 years of her life". 

That is the reason why many of the Japanese sanitary protection industries always care about long-term use of sanitary protection for every woman. Today, I would like to introduce one of the best hygienic (germ-free) Japanese products for you.

Japanese Sanitary Pads

Many companies develop and sell sanitary in Japan but this time I would like to introduce the brand called “Elis”.

“Elis” is a division of the brand “Elleair” that specializes in sanitary pads. Among them, “Elis Megami Suhada no Kimochi (bare skin feeling)” is being developed to become a “feeling of bare skin” when consumers wear sanitary pads.

“Elis Megami Suhada no Kimochi (bare skin feeling)” has three main features. 

1."Fuwasara Unevenness Sheet"

“Fuwasara” means fluffy and smooth."Fuwasara unevenness sheet" means a bumpy absorbent sheet that is both fluffy and smooth. Since it is so soft to the touch, the unevenness will help to avoid stickiness between the sheet and skin.


“Elis Megami Suhada no Kimochi (bare skin feeling) ” doesn’t only have a “cute" design. It has been developed to be also slim, easy to wear, slip and leak-resistant, even during strenuous exercise.


These types of the Pads are not only meant for daytime but also nighttime usage sanitarily. Night use is designed to be easily deformed according to the shape of the buttocks so that you can sleep safely without worrying about leaks.

In addition to that, there are also 12 different types of thickness you can choose from, depending on your needs.

Look Ahead

How was my first article and reviews on Japanese sanitary products? I hope you would find some inspiration from my post!

Japanese sanitary products are still changing: some have such a nice fragrance, others are portable and cute designs.  

Thanks for reading my first article! See you soon! 

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 Mayuko Fujiki

Studying business in Seattle after finished studying Western History in Japan. Loves eye shadows and curious about skincare and beauty foods!


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