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Posted on March 03 2021

Celebrating Girls’ Day on Hinamatsuri

Spring is just around the corner as pink peach tree flowers start to bloom in the warm peaceful sunlight. In Japan, March 3rd is “Hinamatsuri” (Doll Festival/Peach Festival), a special day to celebrate girls’ health and happiness by displaying traditional Hina dolls. It is also known as “Momo no sekku” (桃の節句), or Peach Festival since according to traditional lunar calendar, peach blossoms begin to bloom around this time of the year. 

Hina dolls portray the ancient marriage ritual of the Heian Period (AD 794–1185). Although there are various types of Hina dolls, all Hina doll sets must have the main figures: “ohina-sama” (the bride) and “odairi-sama” (the groom). They are displayed on a red-carpeted, stepped platform with the bride and groom placed on the very top. The other stages are decorated with sannin kanjo” (three court ladies), “gonin bayashi” (five musicians), and other attendants. Depending on each household, the size, number of stages, and decorations vary. Each doll has an intricate design and vibrant color that creates such an extravagant atmosphere. I have adored and cherished these precious hina dolls ever since I was a little girl, and I am so excited to share this traditional Japanese culture with you all today!

On this day, it is customary to eat so many delicious dishes and treats that are all colorful, creative, and meaningful! The main dish, “Chirashizushi,” is a sushi bowl with multi-colored toppings. “Hina arare” are sugar-coated rice crackers consisting of white (snow) for purity, pink (peach blossoms) for chasing evil spirits away, and light green (new growth/trees) for health. Just like this, each color is symbolic in meaning. Another treat that has the exact same colors is “Hishimochi,” which is a diamond-shaped mochi (rice cake). I have to admit, eating a tasty meal on Hinamatsuri has always been the most exciting part. There is even a song that depicts the scenery of Hinamatsuri, and everytime I hear that solemn melody, it makes me feel so nostalgic. 

Traditionally, “Hinamatsuri” has been celebrated to wish for a successful marriage, however, in modern times, it has become a celebration of womanhood. It is not just a day to wish joy upon young girls’, but also a day to remind all women to embrace their beauty and uniqueness! So today, let’s dive into traditional Japanese culture and explore some makeup looks and J-beauty tips to try out during this spring season.

Cute Dolly Eye Makeup for Doll Festival

Even though Japanese makeup style is known for its minimalistic approach and a natural soft feminine look, many Japanese girls try out tips and products to create a tender sweet dolly makeup style (ドーリーメイク). Dolly Makeup is characterized by adorable rounded-eyes and a light color scheme to mimic a doll-like feature. The emphasis is on achieving bright, wide eye makeup for a glamorous feminine look. So here are 3 key steps you can take to complete this exclusively kawaii makeup style which is a perfect match for the Doll Festival

3 Key Steps for Sweet, Dolly-Eye Makeup

1. Lovable, parallel brows: Eyebrows shaped by straight lines as opposed to natural curvy lines. It is desirable to use brown-based eyebrow powder or pencils to draw soft, light base-lines and buff out any harsh lines. The trick is to keep your brows modest, preferably, no thick or dark lines. We recommend this Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyebrow Tint (Natural Brown) to create soft and lovable parallel brow. 

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyebrow Tint (Natural Brown)

2. Wide rounded-eyes: Bright, wide dolly-eye can be created by drawing simple downward lines. The tip is to pair with long, voluminous curly lashes. 
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Black) is a fine-tip liquid eyeliner that is water-resistant and quick-drying. It helps you create both simple, natural lines and dramatic wings. It has a durable formula which prevents the eyeliner from smudging and keeps its pigment for hours.

KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara (Brown) lengthens and coats each lash in a fiber-rich formula to give a "false-lash" finish. For a natural soft look, try choosing brown-based mascaras.  

IMJU DEJAVU Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara (Brown)

3. Nose Contouring: A combination of nose contour and highlight is essential to complete the Dolly Makeup look! We recommend you choose a brown-based palette for a more natural outcome. This Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow&3D Nose (Natural Brown) will help you enhance definition and you can layer your contour easily. Just make sure to blend, blend, blend!

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow&3D Nose (Natural Brown)

Peachy Lips for Peach Festival

Peachy, plump lips are essential to spring makeup looks, and J-beauty offers so many high-quality lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip care products. Not only do these products add vibrant colors to your makeup look, but also hydrate and moisturize your lips for smooth luminous outcome. Here are 3 amazing lip care products you can try to celebrate the Peach Festival.  

1. OPERA Lip Tint N: A tint type lipstick that lasts long without drying out your lips. This rich, creamy, solid-type lipstick contains squalane, chamomile flower extract, and mallow flower extract. These ingredients retain skin moisture and smooth out your lips. It is a lightweight, thin-layered lipstick that is so easy to apply. Check out this article to learn more about OPERA Lip Tint N.

OPERA Lip Tint N Collection 

2. 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment (+3 degrees Coral Pink): A blue-based pink laced with gold shimmer that brightens lips and leaves them with a high-shine finish. It includes "Microbe Power" Multi Flora™ that enhances the microbe power already present in your skin, helping you keep it healthy and hydrated. It is a type of lactic acid bacteria that bonds with the skin's microbes to multiply their power.

UZU by FLOWFUSHI 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment (+3 degrees Coral Pink)

3. Melty Lip Serum #105 (Trendy Cherry): This versatile lip care product contains plant-based moisture beauty essences including honey, shea butter, avocado oil, rosehip oil, and apricot. This beauty essence erases lip wrinkles, moisturizes, and tones up your lips. This Trendy Cherry color melts on your lips to create plump and luscious looks! 

Plump Pink Melty Lip Serum #105 (Trendy Cherry)

Live Life in Full Bloom

I hope you enjoyed checking out different Japanese makeup looks inspired by Hinamatsuri. It is so exciting to try out different makeup looks on a special occasion to feel beautiful inside and out. Just a quick important reminder, we are unique and beautiful in our own ways, and it is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin! Hinamatsuri is definitely a time to embrace ourselves and empower each other to bloom with full grace. I can already feel the joy and positivity of springtime, and I am truly excited to celebrate this enchanting time of the year. Wishing you all happiness and health. Happy Hinamatsuri! 

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 Sayaka Kato

Sayaka was born and raised in Aichi, Japan. After spending several years of her childhood in the US, she came back to New York for college. Loves to travel, eat, and play the guitar in her free time.

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