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SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip



  • A foaming cleanser that dispenses into a fine foam to get your cleansing needs done quickly and efficiently!

    The consistency is light and silky that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Moisten hands and face with water and dispense the foam with 1-2 pumps. Apply to face with massaging circular motions and rinse off thoroughly.


    Brand Origin : Japan

    Net wt. : 150ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
As if straight from Japan

I first received this product as part of a gift from a family member's visit to Japan, and absolutely fell in love with this face wash and was determined to get more.

I don't know what it costs to buy in Japan, so don't know if it's price equivalent or I overpaid for these, but they were still affordable, so I'm happy to have found them on amazon.

I see some reviews from consumers stating this product is a fake. I still have my 'original' tube and compared:
- Packaging is exactly the same- same language, script, color of pack, barcode #, etc. No differences whatsoever.
- Product appears to be exactly the same- same viscosity of the face wash, behaves the same, washes on my face the same.
- No reactions from product- usually my face will break out if I try something new, but I can react with certainty that this product is the same as original as I have not encountered a change.

For those new to this product altogether, I highly recommend. It lathers on very nicely, doesn't dry out the skin, and leaves me feeling refreshed.

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