No.1 Japanese Trending Lipstick: OPERA

Posted on April 13 2020

I love lipsticks, but sometimes it bothers me when I eat or drink and I have to apply it on again and again, constantly caring about the lip color. Also sometimes the color of the lipstick stands out too much on the face which does not fit with my natural eye makeup. Have you had a similar experience? If so, you found the right blog where you can learn about the revolutionary lipsticks that solve all these problems! Even if you’re not a huge lipstick fan, this product will capture your attention for sure, as it did for me. 

OPERA lipstick is the most popular lipstick in Japan that every single Japanese girl knows. It is a tint type lipstick. It isn’t liquid either, it’s a creamy, solid type. Although some liquid type lipstick may last long, it may cause the lips to dry out, or the color to look unnatural. However for OPERA lipstick, since it is a very gentle, solid tint lipstick, the color stays more naturally on the lips and can also moisturize at the same time. It is not like an ordinary lip tint or lipstick, and that’s why I was intrigued by OPERA lipsticks. With its high quality and the huge support from customers, OPERA lipstick has received 80 Best Cosmetic Awards from many different beauty media and magazines in Japan. This explains easily the growing popularity and why it is called the No.1 Japanese Lipstick.



OPERA Lip Tint N Tint Oil Rouge - Color Changing Lip Tint for Any Lips

OPERA Lip Tint N is the most basic popular No.1 awarding lipstick. The color adapts according to your natural lip colors, so your lips look way more natural. The colors are more delicate and gentle. In addition, the color stays on for a long time and develops even more as the time passes, due to the technology they used, where the color reacts to the moisture of the lips. Furthermore, this lipstick contains smooth lip care oil which has squalene, a chemical which keeps the skin moisturized, leaving a very smooth feeling when it's applied. It also only applies a thin layer, which is another reason why it fits the lips so well. It is known for being able to apply without the use of mirrors. Now, you can apply your lipstick effortlessly without worrying about having too much or too little on your lips, and won’t have to re-apply your lipstick so often. 


Color Variation

OPERA Sheer Lip Color RN Stick Gloss - An All in 1 Lip gloss

OPERA Sheer Color RN is a newer product that came out after the OPERA Lip Tint N. It is a lip gloss but with the complex mixture, it works as chapstick, lipstick and lip gloss. You only need to apply this lip gloss and BAAM, the entire lip make-up is done!  Although the colors apply vividly like a normal lipstick would, it gives more transparency to the lips, creating more natural gloss and a three-dimensional feeling. In addition, this stick gloss is made by solidifying gloss (which contains essence) and even though it is a stick type, it gives an incredibly soft and watery feeling on your lips which used to be impossible for a stick-type lip product to attain. Furthermore, because it is a stick type, it is easier to apply evenly than normal liquid type lip gloss, and although it is very moisturizing (with honey and squalene, a chemical keeps skin moisturized ), it does not end up being oily or sticky. 



Color Variation

  • 01 PURE RED: Transparency red with delicate glitter
  • 02 RED BEIGE: Natural redness and classy lady color
  • 03 PEACH PINK: Popular soft pink color like a peach
  • 04 CHERRY PINK: Cute pink with a blue nuance
  • 05 SHIMMERING PINK: Attractive pink with large glitter
  • 06 MARMALADE: Mellow orange like juicy fruits
  • 07 CORAL RED: Fresh red with a coral nuance
  • 08 BEIGE PINK: Beige color with shiny delicate glitter for attractive women
  • 09 MAUVE RED: Mysterious red with a hint of blueness
  • 10 BURGUNDY: Color mixed with pure sweetness and maturity

The secret to the popularity

OPERA releases new colors every year, but it is such a struggle to get them, due to the overwhelming popularity. For example, when they released a Valentine’s Day edition of their Lip tint, it sold out immediately. I searched up “OPERA lip tint valentine’s edition” in Japanese and tons of articles came up on it, anticipating the release. Now it’s one of those items that everyone keeps an eye out for. I think that is another promising aspect of OPERA products. Most people will continue to purchase from OPERA once they try it, over and over again and become repeaters. They also announced that they will be releasing 2 new colors on April 23rd, 2020 with the concept, ‘ICY PASTEL’. The warm orange tone and the icy lilac color reminisces sunshine on a nice, warm summer with a cool breeze of fresh air. I can only imagine how fast that will be sold out too! Also a fun fact, they recently re-designed their packaging which attracted more customers with its mature, luxurious design. Perhaps the fact that they evolve and adapt to the trends and the customers’ wants, is also an additional factor to why they stay as No.1.

Look Ahead

To summarize, OPERA lipstick makes women attractive with the natural coloring technology and with its smoothness on the lips. It is a No.1 awarding lipstick in Japan partially because everyone can find their own suitable color which makes their lips stunning with its own color. Almost every girl has one or more of these in Japan. With its small, adorable packaging and the ease of application, it is very convenient to just pop it inside a purse to bring it around with you. You will be free from the stress of applying lipsticks perfectly every so often. Let your own lips glow with these lipsticks!

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 Etsuka Tomonaga

Was born and grew up in Japan and currently studying global business in college in South California. Loves beauty products and makeups in general, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 


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