J-Beauty Gifts in Time for the Holidays (30% OFF sitewide!)

Posted on November 18 2020

Sale Now Over!

The holidays are approaching so quickly, it almost feels like they’re here already! To celebrate, we’re doing a 30% OFF sitewide sale starting from November 13th to November 30th to spread the world of J-beauty to everyone during the holiday season. 

Need help finding a gift or exploring J-beauty products? We’re here for you! Here is a list of some of the products and brands we carry at Cosme Hunt so you can find the perfect product for you or a loved one.


Japanese products are well known for their haircare, and for good reason. Some of our team’s favorite products are haircare items, and we happen to carry a few on our site! 


Known for their use of honey in their hair products, &honey is perfect for someone with damaged hair looking to restore it for a healthy, soft glow. They utilize a blend of Moroccan organic oil and 3 different types of honey: manuka honey, acacia honey, and pure, raw honey from Japan for renewing hydration and bringing moisture to the hair. Not to mention, each of their products that we offer are affordable and come in really cute packaging! If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of honey for your hair, check out this article all about honey and &honey!


The Public Organic is extremely popular in Japan, so we had to bring it over and share it with everyone else. We offer two types of treatment and shampoo: Lavender & Geranium and Orange & Eucalyptus. Each of these fragrances are incredibly refreshing and relaxing, combining organic essential oils and other ingredients, such as sunflower seed oil, to benefit your hair in different ways, namely saving your hair from heat damage, giving it a silky smooth feel while restoring damage. We’ve written about how these scents can help bring you extra relaxation if you want to learn more!


These days, everyone has heard of or tried Korean skincare, but what about Japanese skincare? What skincare products should I use for myself? What should I buy as a gift for my partner or friend? We have a few ideas to get you started! 


The Kitao line utilizes matcha along with other superfoods to transform skin. Each of their products are suitable for every skin type, making them the perfect gifts to satisfy anyone! All four of the products we carry have amazing reviews, so you should definitely check them out for yourself. Believe it or not, we’ve also written about the benefits of matcha for your skin, so check that out!


It’s impossible to mention Japanese skincare without bringing up the brand Hadalabo. With well deserved rave reviews all around the board, these products help moisturize and brighten up your skin considerably. If you’re looking for noticeable change to brighten up dull skin, Hadalabo products are the way to go. One of our writers wrote an article detailing how these products helped her skin, including before and after pictures, if you still need convincing!


Japanese makeup is noticeably different from Western style makeup, since Japanese style tends to lean more towards natural looks. Whether or not you prefer a certain style of makeup, Cosme Hunt carries products suited to anyone’s wants.

Dazzle carat

There are plenty of Japanese brands that do eyeliner well, but dazzle carat is a brand that’s underrated in the West. Their smudge-proof and waterproof formula makes for the perfect eyeliner that stays on throughout the day without budging. Not to mention, one of the ingredients used in their eyeliners is diamond! How many people can say they’re wearing diamonds on their eyes? 


On Cosme Hunt, we have six different shades of OPERA lip tints, and each shade glides beautifully over the lips. These lip tints were created for the purpose of bringing the lips’ natural shade out, and it does so wonderfully. They’re buildable for either a natural look or a more dynamic one, and they're imbued with lip care oil to keep your lips hydrated! 


Maybe you want to gift a loved one something that will help them relax from the chaos of 2020, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a bit of well deserved self care. Whatever the case, we have you covered for a relaxing time. 


Kracie’s body milks take you one step closer to full relaxation. With six different fragrances to choose from, you can start to feel calmer with Fig & Lily or refreshed with Happy Sweet Peach. Whichever scent you end up choosing is a win for you or a loved one!


Wind down with a Lululun face mask to hydrate your skin and keep it looking youthful. Each of the different masks contain different ingredients to help alleviate a plethora of different skin issues you may have. Each box comes with 32 sheets, which is a lot for their price!


Sometimes you don’t have any time for a long winded skincare routine. Maybe you’re traveling and need a pick-me-up for your skin that’s easy to carry and doesn’t take much time. Luckily, there are plenty of products for you!


The whole concept of Saborino’s brand is to cut corners for a quicker, more efficient way to take care of your skin. We have twelve different face masks, some for morning and some for nighttime. All you need to do is leave the mask on for one minute, then you’re done! Sound too good to be true? Just check out the reviews from our customers! If you want to learn more about the different types of masks, we have an article that goes into more detail about them. 

Find anything you like?

These are just a few of the brands we have on Cosme Hunt, but they’re a perfect place to start if you’re still new to the world of J-beauty. These products make awesome presents if you’re still looking for gifts to give your friends, families, and partners, too! As always, if there are any questions you need answering, feel free to contact us! 


To find out more, visit our website!


 Elizabeth Yen

Lizzie is based in the San Francisco Bay Area after living in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan for almost a year. Having spent time in Los Angeles, the Philippines, Japan, and the Bay Area, Lizzie continues to search for ways to become more socially aware on a global scale. You can find her either spending time at the local cat shelter or playing with makeup at home.

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