Hidden Benefits of Matcha: Kitao’s Skincare Line

Posted on August 14 2020

Hello Cosme Hunt readers! Today's article is a special feature on a hot new matcha tea skincare line from Kitao! Matcha powder has been widely beloved and hailed as a superfood for many years now. It’s simple, natural, and absolutely packed with benefits for your health and skin.

Summer may not be the time for hot fresh matcha lattes (though iced or blended in a smoothie is great) but there's no wrong season for giving your skin some extra love! In fact, before planning your one safe (socially distanced) outing to the beach this summer, why not get your skin looking extra youthful and vibrant with matcha?

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea is a beautiful Japanese art- everything, from the green tea leaves to the hot water used to prepare it, has to be considered for proper blending. Regular green tea is often Sencha, different from Matcha because of how it is prepared, but today we are looking at the specific benefits of Matcha. 

A cup of Matcha can help you with everything from heart disease to blood pressure, and its high quantity of Vitamin C and green tea Catechin antioxidants should not be overlooked. It has gotten hugely popular in the United States because of this superfood status, and cafes all over are finding inventive ways to work it into their food- I used to work at a coffee shop, and every day I'd come home with my apron covered in emerald green from all the Matcha powder I used for smoothies!

Kitao's Matcha line is special because, after over a hundred years in the business, they have decided to apply the simple genius of J-Beauty to meet the world's growing Matcha craving. Combining the health benefits of Matcha with a special routine of products designed for maximum skincare, this line is a serious business.

Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin!

Two of the major things Matcha can really offer your skin are its anti-aging elements and Catechin antioxidants. Understanding the way these products fight aging involves looking at how antioxidants work in general- you may know about free-radicals, little dangerous pieces of energy that can do damage to our skin. When you think about how the sun ages skin rapidly, symptoms like wrinkling come from not defending against free-radicals.

Vitamin E and Matcha's own Vitamin C are great natural defenses against free-radicals, but high levels of Catechin antioxidants can stop them before the vitamins even get involved. This means that having tons of antioxidant defense will protect you from wrinkling, age spots, and dry skin from sun damage. As J-Beauty often suggests, prevention is the key to well-being! 

So green tea benefits your immune system, but how else does Matcha help us have younger-looking skin? There are still tons of ways! One more way comes in the form of the Elastins that help give our skin elasticity! That might sound a little bit weird, but adding lots of Elastin through Matcha skincare means that your skin can be fortified, strong and voluminous thanks to the fine powder. 

Matcha's healthy side effects seemingly don't stop, and I've got two more for you! Have you ever heard of egcg? I hadn't! Yet the richness of egcg in Matcha helps to fight skin redness, especially when you apply it topically. Being all-natural, green tea powder helps many more skin types than artificial products may so be sure to consider it if redness shows on you. Finally, natural tannin in the tea leaf helps to tighten pores and prevent oily skin, as if the benefits might never stop

Kitao's Traditional Matcha

At last, we have come to the showcase- Kitao's Matcha Skincare Line! Here at Cosme Hunt, we are excited to carry all four products from the popular new line, and I've decided to give you a rundown of the first three you are going to want to try

First comes the cleanser- the Matcha and Chia formula cleanser provides all the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits of Matcha while cleaning deep with three key natural ingredients. It will not only remove makeup and tired out cells easily but leave a nice layer of softness and moisture behind it.

Available at Cosme Hunt

Next comes the exciting enzyme powder. This provides the usual chia and matcha benefits when you put the fine powder on your face, but with the added papaya extract you can look forward to improving your skin natural glow too! It’s a nice blend of powerful ingredients.

Available at Cosme Hunt

Last but not least comes the essence- in a little drop bottle just like essential oil, which I find cute. Add a few drops after you've applied your cleanser and enzyme powder to keep up the moisturizing and enrichment, and it will leave behind a nice layer of softer and more moist skin. 

Available at Cosme Hunt

Kitao also offers a fantastic facial cream, so between these four products, there is absolutely no shortage of care you can give your face! Enjoy the power of high-quality matcha right from authentic Japanese tea plants.

How Does That Sound!

It was really exciting for me to get a chance to write about this brand! While most nutrition trends focus on fat-burning or weight loss programs, I really like using this sort of science for skincare. No matter what grade matcha you enjoy, from green tea extract ice cream to drinking a huge amount of caffeine for the jitters, Matcha is a standout ingredient!

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 Arya Arsenault

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