Editor's Pick: 7 Most-Used J-Beauty Cosmetics This Year

Posted on December 31 2018


Hi everyone! Since we slowly started Cosme Hunt in May, over 6 months have passed and I can’t believe this is really happening! Time flies so fast, doesn't it? I’m not sure if I’m totally ready for 2019 but at this time of year, I always like to tidy up my room and spend some time look back upon my year.

I live in the heart of San Francisco and I really enjoy it. The biggest problem I had this year was I don’t have enough space to stock my all the fav beauty products at my place. haha I have a nice roommate. she must be very surprised how many beauty products I own in my room and they are all my daily-use-products!

Today, I'm going to be introducing my 7 most-used J beauty products I realized while cleaning up my room. Are you all ready to enjoy J-Beauty world?


   1. Lips Treatment/ Flowfushi

As I explained in some article this year, I have heavily sensitive and chapped lips.
Therefore, I’m very very picky about lip balm.
The best lip I found 2018 was definitely Flowfushi Lip Treatment.
They are pretty much new brand and have 5 types of line.
Surprisingly this brand found that the best blood circulation on your lip is around 38 and released the products that help to increase your blood circulation and lead to be looked like your lip have 38°C. It’s Science. Isn’t that cool?


   2. Lip Cream / DHC

Another lip treatment I couldn’t live without 2018 was Lip Cream by DHC!

I bought 5 of this lip cream this year and I put them into pockets of my coats and bags that I usually use so I never forget to bring when I go outside! This lip cream works really well as moisturizer. It is not too much to say lip care is as important as skin care. I would say this lip care product is no longer one of the skin care products.


   3. Lasting-Fine liquid Eyeliner / DEJAVU

DEJAVU products always surprised me in my life. This eyeliner has unbeatable holding power for up to 24 hours. The eyeliner is easy to fade but with this eyeliner, I don't need to touch up my makeup after 5. Also, easy to remove with makeup remover.


   4. Reusable Non Kuma Eye Mask / BN

I found this product when I went back to Tokyo. These are stickers that help you to reduce your dark circles. I was suspicious about the effectiveness at the beginning, but after my trial, it turned out to be a first-aid treatment and the stickler is reusable until adhesive power lasts.

   5. Mix Eyebrow, No. 03 Soft Brown / CANMAKE

My other big interest in beauty this year was figuring out how to draw natural eyebrow. In Japan, new eyebrow trends are more natural-looking, full yet more subtly arched brows. I spent tons of time finding nice eyebrows to make it happen and this is the smoothest natural eyebrow I found the with affordable price.

   6. Designing Eyebrow 3D With Brush / KATE

KATE's Eyebrow 3D is my second must-have eyebrow. It's a little bit pricey if you compare with CANMAKE's eyebrow but I like that it has a big blush and small blush at each end.

   7. Eyebrow Pencil / SHISEIDO

I'm sure that everyone reading this blog knows SHISEIDO! This is the most popular and long-seller eyebrow pencil all Japanese women know. The price is only about $2 in Japan and you will be able to find anywhere at the cash counter in the drugstore in Tokyo.


Okay! These are the 7 most used J-beauty products I wanted to introduce you before welcoming the new year! I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year with their friends and families right now... I really appreciate all the support and help I've received from you this year. Let's make 2019 fun, happy and magical!


Chloe Takahashi

CEO, Founder of Cosme Hunt. Chloe has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US. She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare.


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