Community Spotlight: Being a Teen in Japan with Demi

Posted on February 24 2021


Time for another installment for our Community Spotlight series; introducing Demi Singh, one of our new interns! Learn more about her background, her role at Cosme Hunt, and her J-beauty favorites by reading on. 

Hey Demi! We want to introduce the Cosme Hunt Team to the world so that they can get to know us better. Can you tell me about yourself, like a mini bio? What did you study or are you studying, and what do you do at Cosme Hunt? 

I am currently a Social Media assistant and Writing Intern. I am studying at a college in the Midwest to be a 3D animator, and I have a minor in Japanese. In my free time, I like to play with makeup and learn about skin care, and I am a huge advocate for self care.

Oh animation! We have quite the diverse pool of talents here, that’s pretty cool. So we’re both interns at Cosme Hunt, a place that makes J-beauty more accessible to those outside of Japan. How did you discover J-beauty? Was there a particular product that got you interest in the world of J-beauty?

I lived in Japan during high school, so I had to use local products. I just did research at that time and decided I liked J-beauty. My makeup style isn’t really J-beauty oriented, but I love the skincare.

You said you’re out in the Midwest now, right? Do you notice any stark differences between the beauty standards and/or regimens between there and Japan? 

Yeah, nobody really cares about their skin or what happens to it. I think in America, to look good and take care of yourself seems a bit vain. However, in Japan, it’s seen as a polite thing to do. It’s respected that you take care of yourself.

Yeah, I think Americans haven’t been too serious about self-care in that way, but I think it’s slowly changing with Asian beauty becoming more mainstream. 

I think so too.

So to close this out, can you tell me about some of your favorite J-beauty items? Has there been a product that changed the game for you? 

Hmm, I’m big on sheet masks lately! I really like the LuLuLun sheet masks. The last time I was in Kyoto, I picked up some with matcha infusion and that was really nice to use. 

Lululun Face Mask (Blue) Available on Cosme Hunt

Oh yes, sheet masks have been coming in clutch during this cold, windy winter. Thank you for your time, Demi!

We hope you all enjoyed reading more about Demi! Checkout her Instagram, where she posts her makeup looks; they’re incredibly beautiful and worth a look. 


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 Leila Nevalasca

Leila is a self-proclaimed "child of the internet" as she has been a netizen since MySpace and Neopets days. The website that fascinated her most was YouTube, which eventually led her to graduate from San Francisco State's Broadcasting and Electronic Communications program. When she's not going down internet rabbit holes, she experimenting in the kitchen or doing weird voice impressions.

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