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Posted on July 20 2020

Hi beauty lovers!:) It is getting so hot outside and is normal to exceed over 85F here in the bay area lately. Although we all still need to keep in mind to continue social distancing ourselves, since it is very nice outside, I believe a lot more people go out more often with your favorite look! But with the face mask on, maybe you don’t want to wear thick base makeup to cover your skin because it will stain your mask, and rather, you want to wear less layers on your base makeup.

So my point is NOW is the time to upgrade your skincare to get healthy skin which doesn’t need to be covered by makeup! And I am excited to introduce to you all that the best Japanese moisturizing face mask for all skin types from sensitive skin to normal: LuLuLun Face Mask is now available at Cosme Hunt! Let’s explore the greatness of LuLuLun with me!

What Is LuLuLun?

LuLuLun is a Japanese skincare brand specializing in daily skincare. The concept of this brand is “to create a happy mood”. This “happy mood” refers to a moment like when you have a better skin condition or when you wash your hair and feel refreshed, etc. The name “lululun” is inspired by an onomatopoeia in Japanese, which is used to describe a happy mood. The brand is committed to bring out the natural beauty as it says “The beauty of healthy skin is not hidden behind makeup, beautiful skin should be just as it is” on their brand story page at their US site.

In addition, they also value the diversity of customers’ skin type such as sensitive skin, dry skin, and oily skin. Recently, they released a new lineup for face lotions but their mainstream products are face masks, and there are many varieties to meet many people’s wishes.

What Is Special About LuLuLun Face Mask?

It is a face lotion face mask for everyday skincare

Many people including me probably have the idea that facemask is a little luxury treatment which is not used everyday skincare routine, and probably used once in one or two weeks (depending on people). However, LuLuLun broke this by creating a face lotion face mask instead of a beauty essence face mask which is widely spread as a treatment face mask that many of us have used before. There are two types of face masks and one is a beauty essence mask, also called special care, and it is ideal to be used once a week. If you use beauty essence masks every day, it leads your skin to be excessive in nutrients and can cause oily skin or acne.

The other one is face lotion mask and since it can be substitution of face lotion, it can be used every day 365 days and it is ideal to apply milk lotion or face cream to seal the moisturizer on your face after the usage of the face mask. LuLuLun Face Mask’s ingredients are not overwhelming for skin to be able to use it on a daily basis, yet achieve further moisturizing and hydrating skin that can’t be possible with just applying face moisturizer by hand.

Unique structure and cut of face mask

LuLuLun’s face masks are made of 3 layers and are very plumpy. By putting the ample moisture water storage tank in between the skin *penetration support layer, the sheet holds the moisturizer and penetrates it into skins. 

*until the stratum corneum

In addition, in LuLuLun’s face masks, microfibers are used in a higher ratio than other face masks. Although higher microfiber used face masks have a disadvantage of being too flexible and incapable of keeping a face shape, with LuLuLun’s original balanced ratio, the sheet is not too flexible but also fluffy and adheres to the face perfectly.

Also as a user, I noticed how the mask shape is unique. The eye shape is made to be covered until the corner of eyes (as shown in my selfie) which I found a lot other face masks do not cover, and for the mouth part, the sheet covers until the very end of the lip line. The sheet also fits the wings of the nose and I found it very comfortable. I was also doing random house things as I was wearing this mask but it didn’t come off and its adhesiveness is amazing.

This is me with LuLuLun Face Mask (Pink)

Revolutional packaging

Unlike other face masks containers, LuLuLun’s face masks are in the box-shaped container with resealable lids! The outlet is very wide and easy to take just one sheet out and the sheets have enough lotions from top to bottom. It is not too big and too small and I always keep this in my fridge.


LuLuLun Face Mask (Pink)

It is wallet-friendly!

Face masks are usually not that cheap especially when you look for the good quality, but these LuLuLun face masks are very wallet-friendly! For regular series (Pink, White, and Blue), one box of face masks contains 32 sheets (except Pink, contains 36 sheets) for $18, meaning one sheet is for $0.56! ($0.5 for Pink) One sheet is less than a dollar! One box lasts for a month, so it is very reasonable pricing.

How to Use?

  1. Cleanse and towel dry your face.
  2. Take and unfold a sheet mask with clean hands.
  3. Place the sheet mask long face line and adjust eyes and mouth position. (Tips: Put and adjust the sheet from nose to balance out!)
  4. Relax and leave it on for 5-10 mins. Gently press the sheet mask by hand to let the essence permeate into the skin.
  5. Remove and gently pat your skin with a folded sheet mask.                     (Note: From my experience, there are still a lot of lotions left on your mask. I use them for other body parts like neck and arms.)
  6. Finish up with LuLuLun Cream or face cream or other moisturizers that you're using to seal the moisture in your skin.

Regular series

Regular series has 3 different types and in the order of White, Pink, and Blue, it is more moisturizing. Depending on the types, the ingredients also differ drastically, however, even the slightest moisture of White does not leave any tightness and has a good level of moisture. (from my experience) Apparently, some people are using White for mornings and Blue for nights.

White - for clear and translucent skin


Key ingredients:

  • ß-White™2 - convert peptide to the size that easily permeates into the skin and gives brighter impressions to the skin.
  • Elderflower Extract - called the “countryside’s secret grass” in Europe. Rich in vitamins and flavonoids that soften and firm skin texture.

Pink - for maintaining moisture balance of the skin

  • Yeast Extract - packed with nutrients to lead the skin healthier and tones the skin texture.
  • White Peony Flower Extract - softly permeates into the skin, preserving moisture inside.
  • Mandarin Orange Peel Extract - formulated for supple skin by permeating into the skin cell, and leads to the brighter and clear skin.

Blue - for intensive hydrating care

Key ingredients:

  • Cactus Extract - help calm sensitive, dry, and damaged skin while hydrating skin.
  • Regenecy™ (Saccharina Longicruris Extract) - algae that grown at the bottom of 33F freezing cold North Atlantic Ocean. Helps improve skin barrier repair and hydration.
  • Isomerized Sugar - similar to the structure of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), it permeates into the skin smoothly and helps to maintain skin’s moisture balance by supporting the abilities of the skin itself.

Precious series

Precious series are especially focused for anti-aging and recommended for age 40+. On top of everyday moisturizing, by adding beauty essences that are effective for aging care. One of the common ingredients of L22  is plant-derived complex oil that reproduces the sebum balance of 22-year-old skin including jojoba, macadamia, and olive oil. These face masks allow the skin to be healthier and are the best anti-aging care from daily skincare routine.

Precious Green - for ultimate aging care

Key ingredients:

  • L22 - plant-derived complex oil that reproduces the sebum balance of 22-year-old
  • Moss Cell Culture Extract - improves skin moisture
  • Homego Age (Algae Extract) - the nutrition and minerals help draw toxins from the skin, antioxidants, and peptides. Conditions, hydrates, softens, and detoxifies the skin, replenishing essential vitamins and minerals.

Precious Red - for intensive hydration and aging concerns

Key ingredients:

  • L22 - plant-derived complex oil that reproduces the sebum balance of 22-year-old
  • White Rice Koji Extract - rich in AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) to gently exfoliate old skin and help normalize skin turnover. The power of fermentation leads the skin brighter and softer. 
  • Sacran - newly discovered sulfated polysaccharide extracted from very rare freshwater algae. Holds moisture inside of the skin 5 times more than hyaluronic acid and intensely hydrates the dry skin.

Precious White - for intensive skin brightening and firming

Key ingredients:

  • L22 - plant-derived complex oil that reproduces the sebum balance of 22-year-old
  • Garden Cress Extract - nano-sized garden cress extract approaches adult-skin breakouts. Brightens the skin, fades the appearance of discolorations, reduces the effects of daytime stressors, and evens skin tone. 
  • Passion Fruit Seed Oil - packed with nutrients of tocopherol and ß-carotene to supplement oil into the skin for glowing skin.

Look Ahead

Face mask is my favorite treatment for myself but how about you? LuLuLun Face Masks are designed for everyday use, and for all skin types from sensitive skin to mixed skin. It is definitely the best moisturizer as well as the best relaxing face masks. Get a stress-free healthy skin and be feeling “LuLuLun” every day!

To find out more, visit our websites and explore our Blog more!


 Etsuka Tomonaga

Was born and grew up in Japan and currently studying global business in college in South California. Loves beauty products and makeups in general, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 

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