5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hair Oils

Posted on July 01 2020

When you first meet people, you would probably look at facial parts such as eyes and skins, but you also look at hair too. Hair really can change one’s impression greatly by its texture, color, length, and hairstyle, etc. And by how you take care of it, hair can be healthy, strong, and beautiful, or damaged and unhealthy.

Also by saying just one-word “haircare”, the best way to care varies by individual because everyone has unique traits like curly, straight, volume, hard and soft, etc. Then what is the best and easy way to take care of your hair to have healthier hair?

Not only using shampoo and conditioner or treatment but also by adding one more step and using hair oils after you get out of the shower, you can change your hair condition drastically better. Here are 5 reasons why you should use hair oils!

What are hair oils?

Hair oils are one of the styling products that are used in treatment or hair sets. Normally, there are two kinds of hair oils: vegetative and mineral.

The major examples of vegetative hair oils are based on camellia oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil, etc, and since they are natural, they have a gentle sense of use on both scalp and hair. Also, vegetative hair oils have a long history and people all over the world have used them in various ways. In fact, in Japan, vegetative hair oils were used to make hair shine and to keep hair hard for maiko hair and chonmage hair in the old time. Other than that, vegetative oils can also be used as oil packs to massage scalp and hair, moisturizing hair, and improving blood circulation on the scalp

Mineral hair oils are not natural unlike vegetative hair oils, but it is the major kind of hair oils. They are based on pure mineral oils with essences that smoothen the hair and protect hair from exterior damages. Mineral hair oils also have higher repairing effects and quick effects of shining hair. However, because most of the time, they include substances that work coating hair, mineral hair oils mainly should be used at tips of the hair and avoid scalps.

Why should you be using hair oils?

1. Moisturize

As most people have experienced in daily life, hair can get easily “dried out” when hair gets damaged. The dried hair tends to be harder to deal with, especially when you want to comb down or do hair styling. The reason this happens is because the hair lacks moisture which also could cause split ends and broken hair. Since hair is exposed to a lot of damage everyday from friction, UV, and heat, etc, moisturizing to keep its moisture by hair oils is essential. With hair oils’ moisturizing effect, the dried out hair can keep moisturized and the hair will look healthier and shine as well as you would have less annoying morning time to comb down hard hair.

2. Protects from damage

  • Less friction lubricants

One of the biggest damages that hair gets is friction. Especially if you have longer hair, tips of the hair are more likely to be exposed with various friction such as wind, cloth, and towel drying after shower, etc. hair oils coat hair with oils and makes a barrier to your hair, leading to reduced damages from friction.

  • Protect from sunlight

Some of you might not know, but hair also can be burned from sun alike skin! It technically does not burn, but UV rays in sunlight certainly break down the cuticle, which makes hair dry and more exposed to outer damages. Hair also needs extra care after being exposed to the sun for a longer period of time in addition to the skincare routine to avoid frizzy hair.

  • Heat

If you use a dryer to dry your hair after every shower, the heat from the dryer also adds significant damages to your hair. Since wet hair is more vulnerable than dried hair, applying heat to dry hair definitely could break the cuticles, leading to less moisturized and frizzy hair. To prevent this, by applying hair oil onto your wet hair before you apply heat, hair oils can lessen the heat damage your hair would get from the dryer

3. Let hair shine

By oil coating hair oils, the hair gains shine from the extra protection. With the coating, the hair also gains airly texture, leading to less tangled hair. It is not impossible to be like model-like hair.

4. Solve your personal hair problem

Hair oils have a variety and depending on which you choose, you can also solve personal hair problems. Natural oils are made from natural plants, so it can be used safer to scalp as well and has unique benefits such as volume up, faster growth and moisturize the scalp, etc.

5. Smell good

Last but not least, there are many hair oils that make hair smelling very good. Of course pure oils are not scented, however, by adding essential oils, you can make your favorite scented hair oils. If your hair smells good, that brings up your mood in a day.

How to use hair oils?

1. Towel  dry (after the shower) hair

It is considered that applying hair oil on a little wet hair is more effective.

2. Take the appropriate amount of hair oils on palm

The appropriate amount of oils depends on the hair oils you are using, however, generally it is said to be 1-2 drops for short hair, 2-3 drops for semi-long hair, and 3-4 drops for long hair. If it is too much, hair would be too oily, so it is very important to know the amount of oils you want to apply on your hair.

3. Spread the oils on your hands

By evenly spreading oils on hands, hair oils can be applied to hair evenly!

4. Put hands on your inner side of hair and apply from the middle to tips of hairs.

By applying it from the inner side, it will avoid being too oily and protect the scalp from being oil-coated by hair oils*. 

*If you use natural oils on your scalp, it is totally fine to massage with it.

5. Dry your hair with a dryer!

In addition, you can also

  • Add 1-2 drops of hair oil to the treatment or conditioner to maximize the moisturizing effects during shower time.
  • Apply hair oils before styling in the morning helps lessen damages by going outside and being exposed to dryness and UV rays.

Hot J-beauty haircare products 

1. ICHIKAMI from Kracie

Deeply Concentrated Waso Essence

Waso are Japanese traditional plants and there are 9 kinds of different essences: rice bran essence, rice essence, moutan bank essence, blackberry lily essence, fermented black rice essence, selected essence from rice water, sakura leaves essence, camellia essence, and walnut oil. These essences help protect cuticles from various damages such as UV rays and highly moisturize to repair damaged hair. The texture of this product is creamy and also called as non-wash treatment. Mountain Sakura scent.

2. &Honey

& Honey’s shampoo and conditioner received 2nd place in @cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2019 Best Shampoo and Conditioner and this Deep Moist Hair Oil 3.0 is the hair oil that & Honey produces as the same series.

Deep Moist Hair Oil 3.0

As the name suggests, it is made with three different kinds of honey: Manuka honey, Acacia Honey, and Raw Japanese Honey. They are selected for the highly moisturizing effects and with & Honey’s own unique mix ratio, products give shine and moisture to the hair. Furthermore, more than 90% of its products are moisturizing and protecting essence including honey and royal jelly, leading to purely refreshed hair. Organic Moroccan oil is used and since it is natural and organic, it is very safe and gentle to both scalp and hair. The bottle look is also inspired from honey bottles and it is very unique compared to other haircare brands.

Look Ahead

Now with quarantine, a lot of people are in the situation which is difficult to go out for hair salon. However, by doing better self-hair care at home, the hair condition can be drastically changed in a good way.

To summarize, hair oil is the simple easiest way of better hair care and helps to keep hair healthier and protected from damages. Find your favorite hair oil and get beautiful hair!

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 Etsuka Tomonaga

Was born and grew up in Japan and currently studying global business in college in South California. Loves beauty products and makeups in general, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 


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