4 Tips to Keep Perfect Curly Eyelashes

Posted on September 25 2019

Are you having trouble with your eyelashes?

Have you ever felt like you feel down just because your eyelashes would always go down throughout the day for whatever reasons? I, myself strongly feel that way. For the person who thinks that the eye makeup, especially eyelashes is the most important part of the whole look including myself can not stand the fact that the lashes being straight or not curled enough.

Now, I have been doing my own makeup for almost 10 years and the last 5 years I have been experimenting on how to keep my straight Asian lashes curled. I might have found a solution to it. 

Today, I want to share the tips and tools for keeping your lashes up from my experience with you.

1. The right eyelash curler for YOU: Eyelash Curler

First, the most important step to having perfectly curled eyelashes is to FIND “THE RIGHT EYELASH CURLER” for you. What I mean by “the right eyelash curler” is that you need to find an eyelash curler that fits into your eye shape to catch all the lashes. 

Eyelash curler from SHISEIDO

Now, I’m not going to lie I used to use my sister’s eyelash curler because, at the time, I thought any eyelash curler would give me the same results but that wasn’t the case when I used the eyelash curler from SHISEIDO. Since SHISEIDO is a Japanese cosmetics brand, they are mainly targeting on Asian face features as well as eye shape that fits for most Asian. It fits me like magic and catches all my lashes. However, I don’t mean that everyone should get that specific brand because everyone is different and it might not fit into your eye shape but my point here is to find “the right one” for the perfectly curled lashes. 

2. How to curl your lashes effectively: Carling Lashes

That being said, I cannot stress enough that it is also important to curl your lashes multiple times when it comes to curling lashes. Nobody wants their lashes curled straight up right!? At least not for me. Here’s the tips I do to achieve that gradually curved lashes.

Here are the 2 tips I do to achieve that gradually curved lashes

  1. Lifting the eyelids up a little bit helps all the lashes getting into the eyelash curler. 
  2. Curl your lashes gradually way to the top instead of curling one part all at once. 

Repeat that process until you are satisfied with your curl and you should have the perfect curl. 

3. Struggling to keep your curl?: Mascara Primers

Second, another essential tool for keeping your lashes curled is a mascara primer. In my experience, I find that the humidity is the biggest enemy to curl. Every summer or the end of spring gets so humid where I live and right after I walk out my house, my lashes would always go down which was very frustrating especially after taking 10 minutes to get them done. Then I found out that it was a humidity that makes lashes go down.

How I beat humidity to keep my lashes up

To solve this problem, I highly recommend to use a mascara primer especially if you are living in humid weather and struggling to keep your curl. For those of you who don’t know what the mascara primer is, it is just like mascara but instead of mascara being black or brown, the mascara primer comes in white and some of them have fibers in it. 

The benefits of using mascara primers

The benefits of using a mascara primer are most importantly keeping your lashes curled no matter what, even in humid weather and making your lashes look longer than just applying mascara since it has fibers in the formula. I have tried so many mascara primers now but I would always go back to the same brand. I have my 2 go-to mascara primers. 

The first one is Quick Lash Curler L&V from CANMAKE TOKYO(42). This mascara primer can hold your lashes for a whole day and you don’t have to even have to worry about curling them during the day. What I like about this mascara primer is that the formula is not too wet which prevents lashes go down but not too thick that it doesn’t crumble. 

The other mascara primer I recommend is Lash Maximizer N from KATE TOKYO. This one makes the lashes so long like no other but still can keep curl throughout the day.  

Now, keep in mind that the mascara primer is meant for using before applying mascara and the key to get the best result is you should ALWAYS let it dry completely before putting mascara on. 

4. Mascara that you need to hold your lashes all day: Mascaras

The last thing I want to talk about is mascara. Right now, there are so many different types of mascara products from different cosmetics companies that it is hard to decide what to get in my opinion. When I go to store to get a new mascara, I would always try to find a mascara that is not too wet because at the end, if you are using a mascara that is too wet, it’s just going to straighten your lashes even after you applied the mascara primer and takes forever to dry. From my experience, I think waterproof mascara has the best texture for being not too wet or resistance for humidity. 

My favorite waterproof mascara of all time


One of my favorite waterproof mascara is Long & Curl Mascara Super Wp from KISSME, Isehan. The company is known for making mascara holds lashes up. I can assure you that this product I suggested will not disappoint you when it comes to keep your lashes up. 

As a tip to get the lashes even more curled and long-lasting, I would suggest to curl them one more last time after putting on mascara. It only works for not-too-wet mascara as I mentioned earlier otherwise your lashes are going to stick to the eyelash curler and it would be a mess. This one little effort will make a big difference. 

No lashes, No life

You made it to the last of this article and that means you have become an eyelash expert like me (or eyelash fleek as I would like to call myself as).  Eyelashes have always been an important part of the look for me and my concern in my makeup process until I found the tricks. Then my friends and people around me started to ask me the tricks which they were amazed by it. So trust me and try the methods I've shared today. It will definitely change your makeup look or might change your life.  Now that all my secrets are out, I hope more people have amazing eyelashes in their life. 

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Nana Kawakami

I'm currently studying international relations and politics as a sophomore in college. I'm interested in doing makeup as well as cosmetics and skincare. I also like to recreate a makeup look that is on Instagram or YouTube on myself :)


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