3 Japanese Hair Care Products For Your Hair Care Routine!

Posted on July 03 2019

Today’s beauty market is filled with affordable, effective shampoo for all hair types, such as:

  • Straight hair
  • Curly hair 
  • Damaged hair - Hair color can be one of the reasons for this
  • Frizzy hair 
  • Dry hair, etc.

Plus, the Japanese bathing culture is more than just a bath, especially for Japanese women as our previous article mentioned. That’s why purchasing hair care products can be a confusing endeavor for some people. 

Today, I would like to introduce 3 of my favorite Japanese hair care products that I highly recommend. Every item I’m introducing here is available in drugstores and elsewhere. 

Here are 3 Japanese Best-Seller Hair Care Products:

  1. ICHIKAMI Revitalizing Series
  2. SHISEIDO MACHERIE Night Gloss Treatment
  3. BOTANIST Botanical Hair Oil

    Are you guys ready? Keep scrolling for my picks, which will deliver beautiful hair to you!  

    1. ICHIKAMI Revitalizing Series

    ICHIKAMI Revitalizing Series

    • The scent of these: a mix of pomegranates and cherry blossoms 
    • Helps repair inside and outside damage of each hair strand, while it prevents hair thinning and split ends
    • They'll bring out the luster and shine while keeping your hair volumized!

    ICHIKAMI is a popular hair care product from a Japanese hair care company, Kracie. Their hair care series uses Japanese Botanical Essences to not only repair existing hair damage but also prevent future damage. 

    These shampoos and detangling conditioners are sulfate-free with botanical extracts from fermented black rice, cherry blossom, mountain bark, red bead, rice, blueberry lily, camellia extract, walnut oil, soapberry, pomegranate, soybean, red rice, apricot oil, tea blossoms, peony, yuzu citrus, and black soybean. With the power of WASO (Japanese botanicals) born from research into Japanese women’s hair, this protective beautifying hair care series repairs the damage, protects hair down to its essence, keep volumizing, and strengthens hair with every use.

    If you want to use it as a hair treatment  as a hair mask, you should keep it on for 30-60 seconds before washing it off.

    2. SHISEIDO MACHERIE Night Gloss Treatment


    SHISEIDO MACHERIE Night Gloss Treatment and MACHERIE moisturizing hair spray

    • The scent of these: rich of fruity floral scent
    • A hair serum that repairs and moisturizes while you sleep
    • Gives you intensive overnight care, leaves your hair moisturized,  smooth, and easy to manage in the next morning!

    MACHERIE is a popular hair care product from SHISEIDO, a well known Japanese company. This leave-on treatment gives you repair throughout the day while leaving your hair glossy, smooth, and easy to manage. Beauty ingredients include pearl extract, honey and hyaluronic acid (HA).

    Plus, MACHERIE moisturizing hair spray is also one of the popular hair styling tools. It helps reset "bed-hair", nourishing and smoothing the hair and giving it a silky appearance. This is considered a "neguse" [neh-goo-seh] spray, a Japan-specific product, which means "bed-hair" in Japanese. It is very lightweight, yet moisturizing, helping your hairstyle make perfect! 

    3. BOTANIST Botanical Hair Oil 

    BOTANIST Botanical Hair Oil

    • The scent of these: apricot & rose (moist type), pear & jasmine (smooth type)
    • With all-natural ingredients, it helps provide natural moisture and shine to your hair right after rinsing and dry winter hair
    • BOTANIST makes your hair healthier and more beautiful!

    BOTANIST is a Japanese hair care product and received recognition as one of the top-ranking products in Japan. It’s almost 100% organic and has more than 90% natural plant-derived components. After blow-drying, I use this hair oil as my styling product before doing hair dryer, curling irons, or flat iron instead of mousses, cremes, or other products.

    This all-natural hair product provides natural moisture and shine. It promises the best care for your hair!

    Look Ahead

    It is not too much to say that our hair care routine is as important as skincare. All of the recommended products are great, especially ICHIKAMI. It’s my favorite shampoo and conditioner, perfect for both women and men. They are scalp-friendly and have a pleasant scent. You can easily find them at local Japanese drugstores and yes, of course, Cosme Hunt!

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     Maria Kurata

    Studied international business in San Francisco after studied law and politics in Japan. Maria focuses on marketing and project management at Cosme Hunt.


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