Alovivi HATOMUGI Beauty Water Moisture Lotion

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  • A skin-conditioning toner that contains “Hato-mugi” (coix seed grain extract) which helps to soothe and moisturize the skin.

    As a lightweight & soothing formula, you can use it daily on your face and body.

    It is recommended to use this along with your preferred moisturizer.

  • Use before your favorite moisturizer!

    · Pour into hand and apply onto skin with tapping motions.

    · Soak a cotton pad and gently swipe the formula onto the skin

    · This can also be used as a mask too! Soak multiple cotton pads and cover the face for 2-4 minutes.
    TIP: You can place the saturated cotton pads into the fridge for an extra cooling, refreshing hydrating mask!

  • Brand : Tokyo Aloe Corporation, HATOMUGI

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