Japanese New Natural Cosmetics Brand You Should Know: THREE

Posted on December 21 2018

Japanese New Natural Brand That Everyone Is Raving About

Hi everyone.2018 is almost over. I can’t believe that time goes so fast. How was your year? what were the most fun thing and the bad thing you had 2018?

My year has been amazing spending the whole year on my J-beauty Journey. I didn’t expect I’d travel over 4 times to Japan this year to meet people from the Beauty industry and supporters for Cosme Hunt. (Only I concerned about was always jet lag!!) I met a lot of people from J-beauty brands, SHISEIDO, POLA, KOSE other indie brands etc..

Every time I go back to Japan, I feel I’m growing, learning and receive a lot of inspiration from amazing people around me and that urges more passion to introduce more J-beauty to my friends in North America! 

THREE: Japanese New Natural Brand


So Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about some brand, THREE, which is all Japanese young women are raving about.

When I walk into Sephora or other stores in the United States, I always encounter a bunch of clean beauty brands, natural makeups and skincare and mineral makeups such as RMS Beauty, ILIA Beauty, W3ll People, Vapour Organic Beauty, Juice Beauty, Kosas, etc. THREE’s concept is interesting.

THREE means “creation” when you mix one thing and another.For example, nature and technology.Or like sensibility and evidence.Or the mode that shows individuality and age.

THREE company presents the “third value” that arises from the crossing of the contradictory “two values” for high-quality everyday life. I’ve heard about this brand a few times from friends in Japan while I was living in Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to try THREE products because my friends say it’s good. Most interestingly, I realized that I met this company when I worked for an advertising agency in Tokyo over 6 years ago.They were still a small company and no one imagine that it’s going to be a like a big brand!

Not only one of their best-seller, skincare products as organic makeup brands, but also other natural products such as lip glosses and shimmer lip sticks, concealer, mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadow palettes, etc. are also popular.

What is the good thing about THREE?

・THREE uses the ingredient that is certified as organic standard in Japan

・Non-GMO products

・paraben free

・cruelty free

・Natural and synthetic fragrances and colors / Local Japanese ingredients (Lavender oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe vera juice, etc.)

The packaging

It's simple and clean. This cleansing oil product reminds me kind of DHC.For some reasons, J-beauty products packaging is getting messy and confusing with a lot of characters and letters to get more attention. 

However, THREE products keep the minimal and sophisticated style and I really like it.

The ingredient

THREE uses Japanese local essence essential oils produced by condensing the bounty of nature that far exceeds human power. Domestic ingredients that can be fully trusted by us living in Japan. A variety of botanical oils and natural fats and oils with organic certifications.* The power of plants and concentrated extracts that have been long utilized. Here we introduce the natural ingredients that THREE has carefully selected while leaving the nature’s tenderness intact in order to assure the powerful effects on your skin. 

The effectiveness

The effectiveness is the most important when you choose skincare products. I bought 3 products from THREE, THREE Treatment Lotion, THREE Balancing Cream and Balancing Cleansing Oil, and they all really work well on my skin.Now from celebrities to young millennials in Japan talk about THREE. I think it explains very well that natural, minimal beauty is a big trend in Japan. I also enjoy these skincare and makeup products because every time I use them, I feel like I'm traveling all the place of Japan from southern parts to northern parts.


Chloe Takahashi

CEO, Founder of Cosme Hunt. Chloe has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US. She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare.


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