Japanese Cosmetics Brand Makeup Line from SHISEIDO: MAQuillAGE

Posted on September 28 2019

When I walk around department stores and drugstores in Tokyo, I always meet a bunch of Japanese high-quality beauty products such as:

Among them,  I'd like to introduce a makeup brand called “MAQuillAGE” today. Keep scrolling and explore J-beauty world!

“Let’s Be Ready”

Do you know a makeup brand called “MAQuillAGE” that uses these words like a brand concept?

This brand's commercials are well known in Japan, and I knew about them since I was young. SHISEIDO, the beauty company that represents J-Beauty, has been working on this brand since 2005. Intended for adult women in their 20s to 30s, this brand is developing products that can transform one from a “cute girl” to a “mature lady” while maintaining the quality. MAQuillAGE products are available at drugstores in Japan.

The features of MAQuillAGE's design target mature women and use a series of sparkling pink, gold, black, and red on their products. They bring a sense of exhilaration and luxury to users of the product.

Japanese No.1 Cosmetic Brands: SHISEIDO

SHISEIDO was founded in 1872 and is the best beauty brand in Japan. It is deployed in 88 countries and regions around the world. SENKA and MACHERIE currently sold on Cosme Hunt are also brands handled by SHISEIDO.

Popular MAQuillAGE Products

1.  Dramatic Powdery UV

It is a powdery foundation made from mousse consisting of serum, water, and powder. In addition, to cover up pores and uneven skin color, it also enhances skin transparency. Released in 2015, it is currently still a very popular product.

2.  Dramatic Rouge EX

This lip balm is highly transparent and gives you glossy lips. Made with carefully selected beauty oils, it lasts for a long time with luxurious colors and luster.

Look Ahead 

I am very happy to introduce you to MAQuillAGE that will transform you from a cute girl to a beautiful lady. This brand is rich in design, quality, and is a popular cosmetic brand for young Japanese women. I personally also have some MAQuillAGE products and I'm excited every time I use them. MAQuillAGE is constantly evolving, and each time they launch a new product, you will feel refreshed by using them.

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