3 Eyeliner Styles to Change Your Eye Shape

Posted on March 05 2021

I have been working on perfecting my eyeliner since I was about 13. I remember standing at the bus stop with my compact mirror in one hand and my eyeliner in the other and racing to get my makeup done before the bus arrived. It all started with my wondrous punk phase (we have all been there), and it has blossomed ever since, and my goal of a flawless cat wing is now perfectly doable. But, did you know that eyeliner can be used to change your eye shape? What kind of  witchcraft is this?! It’s not witchcraft, just simple techniques that many makeup artists use to enhance our gorgeous, natural features. 

In today’s makeup world, it seems like there are endless possibilities with eyeliner. YouTube alone has provided us a vast amount of information from countless makeup gurus that it can be overwhelming. By the end of this article, you will walk away ready to tackle some of the different eyeliner styles out there. 

Why should I know my eye shape?

Not only can you enhance your face shape using makeup, you can do the same for your eyes! As the saying goes, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Eyes are diverse, both in color and in shape. Eyes come in such a variety that there is a style out there for everyone to enhance their color and unique shape. Remember: any eye shape can wear any style. It’s up to you to choose! I will be focusing on a few styles today to get you started in the expansive world of makeup magic.

Let’s focus on some of the most popular styles!

There are many styles that can drastically alter your eye shape, but for simplicity’s sake, I will focus on the styles that are crowd-favorites!

1. The not-so-simple cat eye

The cat eye is known for its alluring feline look. Drawing a classic cat eye widens your eyes and draws attention to it by following the contour of your lash line to your eyebrow. Past lining the lid, the cat eye narrows the outer part of your eye and creates an upturned effect. This dramatic look can elevate any outfit. To get a bold and even color, check out the Dazzle Carat eyeliner on Cosme Hunt!

Water-proof and smudge proof? Yes, please! Say goodbye to eyeliner transferring to the top of your eyelids, too! This fast-drying eyeliner works on both single and double eyelids. The Dazzle Carat contains 4 beauty ingredients such as diamond, collagen, panthenol, and silk. Its fast-drying liquid formula with an extra-fine and precise brush tip gives you a clean line at the outer corner of the eye, perfect for that much needed cat eye flick.

2. “Puppy” or Downturned Eyeliner

This eyeliner style originates from Korea and features a clean and subtle look . Simply draw a line following your lash line and flick the liner slightly downwards. This really opens up your eyes and creates a youthful and innocent look. This eyeliner style also brightens your eyes for a cutesy appearance.

3. Naturally Smudged Liner

This is one of the easiest eyeliner styles to do! Just a bit of liner (doesn’t have to be liquid) following your lash line to add a bit of a sultry look. This look is perfect for experimenting with colors that compliment your eye color. Try smudging it out as well following your lash line to fit any eye shape and bring focus to your eyes. For a subtle effect, try the Lasting Fine Pencil Eyeliner from Cosme Hunt.

This eye pencil is 1mm and extra fine for precision. It is also enriched with moisturizing ingredients that help glide along your lash line to ensure a smooth application. This product goes on wet but dries to a matte finish, perfect for smoking out an eye look!

Demi’s tip: practice makes perfect!

Eyeliner can look daunting and be frustrating at first, but don’t give up! Practice makes perfect! To help stabilize your hands and minimize slip ups, rest your pinky on your cheek.

That is all I got for today, Cosme Hunters. No matter which style you pick, wear it with confidence and practice those skills (my 13-year-old self and I are rooting for you). Stay warm and cozy out there! Until next time - Demi.

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 Demi Singh

Attended a Japanese High School and returned home  to America for college to study 3D animation. Demi is a  makeup addict with a passion for self-care. In her spare time she also likes to play video games, watch TV, and listen to music.

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