Four Relaxing Scents for You!

Posted on October 28 2020


Hello Cosme Hunt readers! I hope you've been managing your stress well lately— it’s so easy for things to wear down our wellbeing as the stress levels add up. Be it for better sleep, managing blood pressure, or just taking care of your mental health, there are a huge range of reasons to work on lowering your stress. Stress-relieving and mood uplifting techniques are a varied and very popular topic, yet one timeless route is soothing scents!

Everyone has their favorite calming scents, but aromatherapy oils are their own special and very popular variety. Drops of essential oils or floral scents are popular for stress relief, and while you may already have your own favorites, today I'd like to introduce you to even more! From frankincense to carrier oil there are so many scents to learn about, and diffusers are not the only way to enjoy them! I’ve gathered up my favorite aromas and products to share today, so please enjoy the read!


Aromatherapy is popular, but if you don't know much about it don't worry! There are lots of different thoughts about the medical benefits of aromatherapy, but general consensus says calming scents will help with stress relief and sleep quality. While sometimes considered an antidepressant, research varies. It is best to use aromatherapy to help alleviate whatever depression symptoms it can, while using a regular antidepressant with professional guidance.

Stress relief is a very positive benefit on its own however, and while our nervous system is under strain, our heart rate and blood pressure can be affected. If aromatherapy calms your stress levels then it can be a huge boon to your well being!

That said, where do we begin? The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy lists some of the most popular aromatherapy scents like clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, patchouli, peppermint, roman chamomile, and ylang ylang. Yet believe it or not, there's still plenty more popular scents out there! Better yet, some even are said to help with energy and focus in addition to relaxing, so let's dive in and start learning!

Orange and Citrus

Perhaps surprisingly, the bright fruity Bergamot Orange, Lemon and sweet orange are all cited by Medical News Today as among the most popular relaxing aromatherapy scents. That said, they can also be a pick me up after a long day; Jennifer Lane is a certified aromatherapist who notes that citrus scents are often called sunshine in a bottle! Both fun and soothing, citrus smells are also among my personal favorites for soaps and shampoos.

If aromatic body wash interests you, Aroma Resort offers a body lotion to nourish your skin while also leaving you with a nice orange scent! Presented in a pretty package, the lush cream is a fantastic way to add some fresh aromas to your day without buying a spray bottle or diffuser. Their entire line is full of fun and fresh scents so be sure to check them all out.

Kracie Aroma Resort Body Cream (Lucentia Muquet&Orange) product

Kracie’s Aroma Resort Body Cream (Lucentia Muquet & Orange) Available at Cosme Hunt


Up next is Eucalyptus! The favorite snack of Koalas, Eucalyptus leaves are extremely common in Australian forests. By processing natural oils in these leaves, people are able to make a bright, refreshing and popular aroma! It’s nice to know where your essential oils come from, right? Eucalyptus is a fun and natural resource that both humans and koalas can enjoy!

As an aroma, Eucalyptus is popular for its bright and energizing scent. Getting a whiff of crisp Eucalyptus is said to help with focus, and some people even argue it helps with your energy levels! While maybe not the first thing you would consider relaxing, I like to think of Eucalyptus as a brisk shower; the little pick-me-up it provides can leave you feeling much more alert and comfortable heading into a long day! 

If you like the sound of these bright and fun aromas, consider trying them together! The Public Organic offers a hair care set that not only treats your hair but leaves you with the aromas of orange and Eucalyptus. This means you can enjoy these energizing, fruity and natural scents all throughout the day after a good shower! 

THE PUBLIC ORGANIC Orange & Eucalyptus Hair Treatment and Orange & Eucalyptus Shampoo Available at Cosme Hunt


If the mint-like Eucalyptus and bright fruity citrus scents aren't your thing, there's no need to worry! More soothing plant and floral scents exist too, everywhere from musks to Valerian root. My favorite is Geranium! This light pink flower is loved for its soothing effects, which are believed to help anxiety and stress. You can compare it to the calming Lavender oil you may have used to fall asleep easier!

Within Geranium oils, there also exist Rose Geranium oils. These have an even deeper floral scent, if that's your style! Both are used in floral perfumes, so in addition to relaxing, they are sure to make your living space smell beautiful too.

When considering how to add Geranium into your life, think about The Public Organic's mix of lavender oil and Geranium! This much more soothing alternative to the Orange and Eucalyptus offers the same quality of hair care while being more calming than invigorating. Floral and subtle or fruity and lively, there is no way to go wrong! 

THE PUBLIC ORGANIC Lavender & Geranium Shampoo and Lavender & Geranium Hair Treatment Available at Cosme Hunt

Katsura tree

I’ll end the list of scents here with one that originates from Japan and China: the Katsura tree! While this tree is native to those Asian countries, they can be found on the East Coast of the U.S. If you ever find yourself there, you might want to try to find one of these trees and take a whiff. Why? The leaves of this tree are said to smell like caramel or cinnamon  in the autumn! 

Since we’re right in the midst of the fall season, now is the perfect time to seek out these trees with heart-shaped leaves to take in the scents of the season.


Interested in Aromatherapy Stress Relief?

I hope you enjoyed today's tour of scents for relaxing! There is a whole world of scents out there to learn about, but trying products that use ones you like is a great way to start learning about them all. Aromatherapy is a growing field that poses a lot of possible medical benefits, but it’s important to remember that time and research is needed for us to fully understand how aroma can help our bodies.

Before trying aromatherapy be sure to check in with your doctor, especially if you have any complicated medical conditions! Stay safe, find methods that you enjoy, and above all, have fun relaxing!


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