Editor's Picks: 5 Japanese Cherry Blossom Beauty Products

Posted on April 01 2020

April has come, Cosme Hunters! The birds are singing, the sun’s staying out longer and the trees are even starting to bud! While April is no May, there is still an awful lot of springtime fun to be had. There’s no better time to have floral products on the mind!

It’s Cherry Blossom Season!

Right now, all across Japan, trees have begun to go pink! Whether you know cherry blossom (or Sakura) flowers from beautiful photographs, D.C. in spring or only movies there is no better place to enjoy them than Japan. Sakura peeping season is more hype than autumn leaves in New England, and tons of J-Beauty products are inspired by them!

To get everyone feeling the spring excitement, I went looking for the prettiest, freshest, and most inspired floral products I could find. From using sakura essence right from the source to just having a nice flowery theme, here are the top five products my sakura-mania is asking for.

#5- Ichikami Revitalizing Shampoo

Hair still bouncing back from winter? Here comes Ichikami’s light and floral revitalizing shampoo! Beneath the soft and elegant packaging, this blends a whole meadow of flowers into one delightful lather. Look out for tree peony, tsubaki, blackberry lily, and good old cherry blossom!

→Available now at Cosme Hunt

#4- Opera Lip Tint N

Taking a step away from shampoo, let’s talk about Opera’s fantastic Lip Tint N! Our blog recently featured a fantastic article that shows off the beauty and elegance of this powerful J-Beauty brand. But getting back to our flower hunt, this line of lipstick is a fantastic way to add some pinks and oranges to your warm springtime look.


Source: OPERA


Frankly, I’m quite taken with the elegant array of colors here. Floral looks can take all sorts of shapes and forms, and cherry-picking the color that works best for you is a must. Each and every color is lush and gentle, but my personal favorite is the orange. Sometimes the best way to accentuate all your pink is a little something different!

→Available now at Cosme Hunt

#3- Shiseido Brightening Gel Cream


Source: Shiseido


Shiseido’s representative in today’s list is a moisturizing cream that aims to be light, fight dullness, and use natural ingredients wisely. At its core is the SAKURA-Bright Complex- its a pretty cool name, right? 

This three-ingredient system actually makes use of a good number of natural extracts and ingredients to reach its impressive results. These include potentilla, yoshino cherry blossoms, western hawthorn extracts, plumeria scent, and other green floral elements. Yet again, it’s a veritable bouquet with cherry blossom sitting right at its core with its uplifting influence!

→Available now at Shiseido

#2- Dreamy Bloom Rose Body Milk

Dreamy Bloom Rose body milk… Aroma Resort’s Dreamy Bloom Rose body milk… it has a nice ring to it, right? It’s ok to read that over a few times, even say it out loud. This product presents a truly remarkable degree of floral luxury, even just in its packaging and branding. 

Now that our list is nearing its conclusion, the gloves have come off! These are some of the lushest and captivating products around for getting your April flowery feelings on. Now, getting down to business, Aroma Resort’s product is another nature-inspired blend meant to help you feel renewed and fresh! This time it’s a treat for your whole body, a cream for head to toe.

This time rose has stolen the show. From the delightful rose-themed packaging to the charming and distinctive fragrance, this flower has quite a bit to offer and Aroma Resort has made a lovely cream out of it to stand among this collection’s impressive list of products.

→Available now at Cosme Hunt

#1- Ichikami Hair Essence

Ichikami returns to place it’s cherry blossom hair essence right at number one! This product above all else captures the free feeling of springtime. It captures the aroma of mountain cherry blossom to bring all the freshness and splendor of nature right to your locks!

But that’s not all! Look forward to the carefully crafted blend of natural oils and floral essences working to moisturize and repair your damaged hair. It’s more than a perfume! Waso works to protect your hair from future damage and heal whatever dryness or wear is there.

Once again, the sleek and gentle presentation makes this hair essence a must-have on your April dresser. Its slim, the logo and writing are elegant and mature, and best of all its vibrantly pink! Just the sort of blend of elegance and softness that cherry blossom season is all about.

The Cherry Blossom Review

All in all, there is no going wrong with cherry blossom! As each of these unique and quality products shows, flowers have a million and one ways of healing damage and refreshing you. From camellia to plumeria, these products always bring something unique to the table. Better yet, these elegant and simple products take the power of nature itself and channel it into your beauty routine!

Feeling Springy?

I hope you enjoyed this article! I had an awful lot of fun scouring around for the very best of springtime J-Beauty. I think few cultures are as qualified to tap into its lush and beautiful power to bring you healthy and wholesome beauty! Of course, there was one K-Beauty product, but who can see cherry blossoms and not think of Japan?

That’s all for me! I’m happy you read it all through and am excited to keep bringing you springtime beauty as we reach the peak. Till next time, stay fresh and have some safe fun at home!

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 Arya Arsenault

Studies Japanese language and culture at the University of Massachusetts. Loves Japan’s pop culture and learning about its trends!


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