A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Beauty Products

Posted on April 04 2019


Walking into any Japanese drug store or browsing websites that sell Japanese beauty products, you'll be overwhelmed by the endless variety of mascara, tonersand eyeshadow.

Which brand is good for me? What does this product do? Are there any affordable Japanese brands? 

Luckily, the mysteries of Japanese beauty products aren't as difficult or expensive as they first seem, and Japanese beauty products always provide high quality whether it's expensive or not.

That's the reason I've been obsessed with Japanese products for 20 years!

Here we'll take you through Must-Check Brands step by step.


I'm sure everyone in the U.S. has heard of this brand at least once.

SHISEIDO products are worth the fame and very expensive.

SHISEIDO also provides so many good brands such as MAQuillAGE, MAJOLICA MAJORCA,  AQUALAVEL, TSUBAKI, ANESSA and AG at an affordable price.

   2. SK-Ⅱ

SK-Ⅱ is an anti-aging line of products especially famous for its skin toners.

You can get dramatic results by using them continuously. It can be quite expensive, but if you can afford it, they are definitely worth the price!


   3. DHC

DHC has taken the revolutionary approach of selling its products in convenience stores. It has also expanded its sales network to include mass merchandisers, drug stores, and variety stores, earning a strong reputation for products in categories including skincare, makeup, women's skincare, SPF sunscreen, and health foods while focusing on developing products suited to each sales channel. Today, you'll see DHC's products everywhere when you walk into a convenience store in Japan.

   4. KOSE

KOSE is one of the biggest cosmetics makers in Japan. I believe KOSE's most popular and expensive line in the U.S. is Sekkisei. The KOSEKOSE brand stands for high quality cosmetics and skin care products that are suitable for many needs.

Other popular lines from KOSE are Decorte, Jill Stuart, tarte, Infinity, Addiction, and sftymo. Plus, one of their haircare products, Je Laime (shampoo, conditioner and treatment) is affordable and great. After using hair dryers, these work well for your hair styling and care routine too! 

   5. Biore

Biore is an Asian brand owned by Japanese company called Kao Corporation.

The Biore skin care experts know that half the thrill of beautiful skin is how you get there. 

Kao created Biore skin care line ranging from cleansers (for each of your skin type), moisturizer for dry skin, acne treatment, makeup removers, UV protection with SPF, pore packs, clay face masks, and shower creams that promise to meet your daily skin care needs with a touch of fun at an affordable price.


So many affordable brands!

We introduced you to our MUST-check popular brands from Japan.

There are still tons of lines and brands to explore! New arrivals are coming in every month. If you go to drugstores in Japan, there are tons of affordable brands with high quality such as Kate, MAJOLICA MAJORCA, Canmake, MAQuillAGE, Muji, Daiso, and so on!

The best thing about Japanese Cosmetics is that even drugstore brands offer a good result to your skin or beauty issues.

We will continue to update the products on Cosme Hunt to cater to everyone's personal skincare and makeup needs, so please stay tuned!


Chloe Takahashi

CEO and founder of Cosme Hunt. Chloe has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US. She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare.


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