3 Japanese Summer Makeup Trends 2020

Posted on July 06 2020

Hello Cosme Hunters! How have you been doing these days?

Summer is finally here! Thankfully California, where Cosme Hunt HQ is located, continues to have relatively comfortable and warm weather. With the warm breeze and the blazing sunshine, I yearn for the beach days, picnics, and road trips.  Summer always makes me feel like I should discover and try something new and daring.

Today I'd like to share 3 Japanese summer makeup/skincare trends of 2020 with you! I'm going to feature 3 beauty trend keywords first and then dig deeper into each product with some makeup/skincare tips and instructions. These 3 trends are sure to capture your attention and give you the nostalgic, summer vibes.

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Are you ready? Keep scrolling for some tips to create amazing summer makeup looks, along with the top-recommended products.

#1- Color Makeup (Yellow Makeup)

1. Alchemist-Twist For Eye - THREE

"A matte liquid eyeshadow with a twinkling of light. The seven colors for summer include shades of gold pearl."

Yellow and citrus colors are a trend this summer! Pearls give a natural sparkly look without it being too flashy.

Eye makeup changes my mood a lot. This is a shimmery liquid eyeshadow with a waterproof formula that allows you to freely control the personality of the pearl. Let it sit on the eyelids for a while, then place it on your fingertips. If you touch it with your fingers, the small particles of light will begin to shine even more from beneath the soft, matte texture. The delicate gold pearls are added to the limited 7 colors of the 2020 Summer Collection. The natural sparkles that blend into your face give a dazzling and edgy look. It’s an eye shadow full of possibilities, where you can enjoy line makeup and gradation makeup.

How to use:

  1. Use the applicator to extend the eyeshadow from the center of the eyelid to the left and right.
  2. Use the pad of your finger to blend in the color of the border between the eyelid and the eyeshadow.
  3. After a while, trace your finger over the eyeshadow to make the glitter even more noticeable.

*When using, mix the contents well with an applicator before applying.

Source: Alchemist-Twist For Eye - THREE

2. Mineral Rouge Walnut Yellow - ETVOS

  • For moisturizing the lips

An oil that prevents irritating lips from rubbing, an oil that leads to firmness, and oil that enhances skin's softness and has a high water retention capacity (super hydrating), keeps the lips moisturized and gives luxurious gloss and firmness.

  • Brilliant coloring with only natural shades

Achieves vivid colors without using synthetic pigments (tar-based pigments). A wide variety of colors that is familiar to the skin and easy to match with various makeups looks.

Cleansing free. Easy makeup removal with soap. The camel color that sublimates yellow, is a  must-have for this summer. Enjoy “yellow makeup” while caring for your lips!

It includes rouge made from only plant-derived oils, waxes, beauty ingredients, and natural minerals and pigments. Silicon, mineral oil, surfactants, talc, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, nanoparticles, tar pigments are NOT used. It can be easily removed with soap, so those with sensitive skin can use it as well. It also works well for those with rough lips because of the mild stimulant prescription.

How to use:

  1. Apply directly to the lips. 
  2. Apply to the lower lip as well and spread it around by rubbing your lips together.

Source: Mineral Rouge Walnut Yellow - ETVOS

    #2- Bare and Brighten Skin

    1. Skin Smoother - m.m.m

    A new sensation foundation with a marble pattern that is focused on organic materials. It's also good for makeup retouching, with a matte finish!

    A makeup base that prepares for ceramic, porcelain-like skin and helps to brighten up the skin tone. It can get rid of pores with only naturally derived ingredients. It can smooth out the skin without drying it. Organic cocoa butter protects the moisture. The pores, imbalance, and fine lines are smoothed out to give an even finish.

    POLA has also released a new sensational foundation with a 4-color marble pattern called "Diemu Cleure Color Blend Foundation".

    How to use:

    Take an appropriate amount on your finger and stretch it to the part you want to focus on.

    Source: Skin Smoother - m.m.m

    2. W Cleansing Gel & Cleansing Balm - RMK

    Let me introduce a featured trendy skincare product as well (It's also one of the products I use in my daily skincare routines!). 

    Three new types of cleansing that create RMK transparent skin, which was just released this spring! It contains carefully selected sweet almond oil and macadamia nut oil and is very particular about its scent and texture. It creates the foundation for your skin that is full of translucency, with summer makeup vibes!

    • RMK W Cleansing Gel

      A fresh, 2-way type of facial cleansing. A moisturizing cleansing gel removes dirt, old dead skin cells, and the roughness of pores. It also has a refreshing scent of rosemary, which is recommended for washing your face in the morning.

      • RMK Cleansing Balm

        When applied to the skin, the solid balm turns into a liquid oil with a pleasant texture, and the rich beauty oil gently massages and removes the makeup. 

        The light blue (refresh) type tightens the skin for a lustrous, clear wash. The lively scent of blue lemon makes you feel refreshed. The pink (Rich) type is for moisturized and firm skin. It has a graceful, warm rose, and ginger scent.

        How to use:

        • RMK W Cleansing Gel

        It can be used for both cleansing and face washing. Take around a size of a cherry of the product on the palm of your hand and massage from the center of the face outwards while drawing a circle to let it mix with makeup and dirt. After that, rinse well with water or lukewarm water. (No need to wash your face after cleansing)

        • RMK Cleansing Balm

        With the attached spatula on the backside of the lid, take around the size of a dollar on the dry palm and massage it while drawing a spiral outward from the center of the face and blend it with the makeup. Emulsify the balm with wet hands and rinse well with warm water.

        Source: W Cleansing Gel & Cleansing Balm - RMK

        #3- White Eyeliner

        1. Eye-Opening Liner - UZ

        UZ's "UZ Eye-Opening Liner" is easier to apply, more comfortable, and more flexible than the popular Flowfushi eyeliner.

        It creates a very fine line that you can easily apply by pulling! With this product, You can effortlessly create intricate makeup looks like makeup artists do.

        The pure white color makes your eyes and skin look clear and vivid. Depending on how you arrange it, you can change the impression of your eyes, and it will cover the dullness of your eyes and skin!

        • Hypoallergenic

        Allergy tested, Patch tested, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free. It is also dye-free and non-pigmented.

        • Easy to rinse off with warm water, but won’t smudge when in contact with water

        "WP Film" developed by making full use of Japan's advanced technology, is used, and it is easy to rinse off with lukewarm water, but it is resistant to water, moisture, and sebum.

        • We value make-up that is not bound by fixed ideas 

        The concept of the eyeliner is "UNFRAME".

        How to use:

        1. Do not apply too much force when drawing the lines
        2. You are able to draw on the lines quickly because it dries fast
        3. Pull the eyelids a little bit to the side

        *For more advanced users, we recommend you “color x white” to create a unique makeup look.

        Source: Eye-Opening Liner - UZ

        2. Drawing Pencil - Shu Uemura

        "Drawing Pencil" is a pencil type eyeliner, but the core is soft, flexible, and is very easy to apply! It is recommended for those who are not good at drawing eyeliners.

        • Smooth and easy to draw

        Although it is a pencil type, it has a creamy texture that applies smoothly, so you can enjoy a wide range of finishing looks. 

        • It does not bleed for a long time

        The color does not bleed, with the waterproof formula.

        How to use:

        1. Gently, draw a line 
        2. Use a brush or your finger to blur as desired

        Some cons of the product, according to Reviews:

        "I'm kind of worried about the speed of consumption and the amount of time it takes to cut it during my makeup routine."

        "I bought the special sharpener together, but is the core soft? The tip of the pen fell apart when I cut it with."

        Source: Drawing Pencil - Shu Uemura

        Look Ahead

        I hope you were inspired to create summer makeup/skincare looks now! Did you find one that suits your taste? Perhaps you were inspired to challenge something new outside of your comfort zone. To sum it up, here are the outstanding trends mentioned in this article!

        • Color Makeup
        • Bare and Brighten Skin
        • White Eyeliner

        I personally really like the white eyeliner trend. I think it is very unique and different but also kept natural and gentle. I can imagine all the stunning makeup looks people are able to create from this. After all, makeup has endless possibilities, and that’s the fun part; being able to create natural looks, to artistic looks, to a very glamorous look. Which ones caught your attention? Why not change it up a bit this summer, by incorporating these trends?  Even though we are going through difficult times right now, let’s have a blast this summer together with Japanese beauty products!

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         Maria Kurata

        Studied international business in San Francisco after studied law and politics in Japan. Maria focuses on marketing and project management at Cosme Hunt.


         Madoka Mitani

        Studied marketing in San Francisco, then moved to Singapore and working for a private incubator company. Madoka is a researcher for Cosme Hunt.


         Mayu Mizoguchi

        Got interested in J-beauty especially skincare products when she struggled with her dry skin. Loves shopping at beauty stores and catching up with makeup trends through Instagram. Mayu charges of HR and Marketing at Cosme Hunt.


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