Why You Should Try Foaming Face Wash

Posted on May 12 2020

Skin condition can really change one day’s mood. When I wake up in the morning and see my face with zero acne, I would be really confident and happy to start the day, but if I found a new acne on my skin, it is not fun, right?

There are a lot of products for skincare, but the most important process is “wash”. Picking up the right facial cleanser could literally change your life. In Japan, foaming wash is the most popular way to wash skins and most people use foaming wash products or foaming nets to wash skins. In contrast, in the US, foaming wash products are not as popular as in Japan.

Sometimes foaming wash products are said to include strong chemicals or substances that have negative effects on our skin Then what is the truth? What is the correct way to do foaming wash? Here you will explore the amazing effects of foaming wash!

What is foaming face wash?

Foaming face wash is literally washing skin with foam. Usually Japanese face cleansers have two types: pumping foam type and soft creamy texture type. Pumping type is coming out as foaming type, so could save up time to making foams, and soft creamy texture type creates foam by adding a little water and rubbing by hands or foaming nets.

Benefits and skin type for foaming face wash?

Normally, normal to oily skin types are said to be suitable for foaming face wash because by washing skin with foam, it makes it more effective to remove oil or dirts on your skin by reaching into pores . And by washing with foam, it allows a gentler touch with skin while washing which reduces the excessive friction and damage to your skin.

Furthermore, foam is a lot easier to rinse off after washing. This is very important because often people get irritation from the soap that is leftover on skin after rinsing. However, for sensitive or dry skin, it could cause too much dry feeling or some irritation by using it. 

Also generally recommended for people who prefer refreshing feeling rather than moisturized feeling after washing face. 

Concerns for chemical substances in foaming cleansers

Some people might have heard of certain chemicals that consist of foam in foaming cleansers, such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate),  ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate), or SAS (sodium alkyl sulfate). However, they are said to be safe substances for skins and work as a surfactant to remove dirts and create foam. Since these products are made to rinse with water, as long as the face wash is not left on skins, it does not cause any irritation because contacting time with skin is very short. 



How to wash face with foam?

1. Make foam!

You can use foaming nets (like in the picture below) to make foam easily or even if you don’t have one, you can make foam by gently rubbing with hands. (note: when you are using hands to make foam, try to imagine catching air while rubbing)

2. Apply it to face!

In order to maximize the effect of foam, apply oily parts of the face first. Because the amount of oil and dirts on your face is different, you want to apply fresh foam to the parts where it has the oiliest parts. Wash with foam, don’t apply too much force when you are rubbing your face.

  • Around nose and mouth
  • Forehead (especially above eyebrows) and nose line 
  • Cheeks and other parts

3. Rinse it off!

Rinse completely with running clean water or warm water and don’t let any foam left. If you cannot rinse the foam completely, it could irritate your skin or cause acne.



Popular J-beauty brand foam cleansers

SENKA Perfect Whip series [SHISEIDO]

1. SENKA Perfect Whip Facial Wash

This foam wash creates micro condensed bubbles and removes dirts on the face effectively, leading to a tone-up skin. The micro condensed bubble technology is five times smaller than its prior products and reaches to pores and skin grooves. Furthermore, since the bubbles are condensed, it allows long-lasting foam. With natural silk essence (sericin and hydrolyzed silk) and W hyaluronic acid (sodium acetyl hyaluronate and sodium hyaluronate), the foam is very moisturized, helping skin recover from various damages. It is a refreshing floral scent.

Available now at Cosme Hunt.



YouTube tutorial for making foam by hands with SENKA Perfect Whip Facial Wash is the following!


2. SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip

This is a pumping type of SENKA Perfect Whip Facial Wash and the foam is coming out from the bottle. Less effort with high-quality foaming wash!

Available now at Cosme Hunt.



Marshmallow Whip series [Biore]

With Biore’s original technology, the foam is more condensed and rich, but it is very easier to rinse than its prior products, protecting skin from friction damage.



1. Marshmallow Whip Moisture Facial Wash

Gentle Fresh Floral scent.

Available now at Cosme Hunt.

2. Marshmallow Whip Rich Moisture Facial Wash

Slight Honey Floral scent and more beauty essence (glicelin, PPG-9 Diglyceryl Ether, and PG)

Available now at Cosme Hunt.

3. Marshmallow Whip Acne Care [Quasi-pharmaceutical product]

    Compounded sterilization and anti-inflammatory components and prevents acne. Passed a non-comedogenic test. Slight Green Floral scent

    4. Marshmallow Whip Oil Control

      Refreshes sebum in T zone (forehead and nose) and wing of the nose. Refreshing Orange Floral scent

      Bifesta Cleansing Foam Series [MONDOM]

      The deep foam consists of carbon dioxide gas reaching between dirt and skin which makes dirt float in the foam. With the moisturized essence of hyaluronic acid, it leaves moisture and smoothness in skin after washing while it has a great washing ability.

      1. Bifesta Cleansing Foam Bright Up

          Compounded lactic acid (essence that softens old horny) and brightens up the skin by removing old horny. Tiny microbubbles reach to the bottom of pores and remove dullness and dirt. 

          Available now at Cosme Hunt.

          2. Bifesta Cleansing Foam Moist

            Compounded two kinds of moisturized essences (hyaluronic acid and collagen). Leaving a highly moisturized feeling after washing. 

            →Available now at Cosme Hunt

            3. Bifesta Cleansing Foam-Control Care [Quasi-pharmaceutical product]

              Compounded sterilization and anti-inflammatory components and by using this constantly, it helps prevent rough skin or acne, making skin healthier. 

              Look Ahead

              To summarize, foaming wash is good because

              1. Foam is very effective to reach and remove dirt and dullness on skin
              2. Lessen the friction damage to skin while washing
              3. Easier to rinse and prevents from irritation that can be caused from left soap on skin.

              Everyone has a different type of skin, so trying and exploring what best suits on your skin is very important. Find your best way of washing to brighten your life with good skin and give it a shot on Japanese foaming wash products!


               Etsuka Tomonaga

              Was born and grew up in Japan and currently studying global business in college in South California. Loves beauty products and makeups in general, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 


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