Three Beauty Foods That Love Your Hair!

Posted on July 29 2020

Happy Summer, Cosme Hunters! I hope you’re finding all sorts of fun ways to safely get outdoors and enjoy the warm comfy sun, or maybe relaxing by the water with a nice book or even just enjoying the relaxing rain while you work! May and June come and then they’re gone so fast. 

Continuing on a series of food-related articles, this week I’ve brought you some findings about beauty foods for your hair! Nutrition goes much deeper than Vitamin C and avocado, so it’s important for us to think about all the different ways that we can take care of ourselves and optimize healthy and natural ingredients in that J-Beauty way.

What sort of beauty food, though?

Surely you have your own lists of favorite beauty foods you make sure to work into your diet in order to keep your skin healthy and clear, but what sort of foods do you eat just for your hair? Hair growth is complicated, but picking out ways to get your hair-powering nutrients really does not have to be! 

This week you can read all about my favorite three foods for hair, and get to know about the nutrients that make them work too! This way, you can do a little bit of creative work on your own and make even more good choices for your hair- this is only the start!

Humble and Sweet: The Sweet Potato

Potato gets quite the reputation, being involved in some of the most famously junky foods on the planet like fries, but how much do you know about sweet potatoes? They’re brighter, they're a little more rare and of course they’re much more fun to eat for their natural sweetness. So what if I told you the more fun potato has a little more nutritional value too??

Beta Carotene is a hallmark nutrient of orange foods like carrots and squash that gets turned into Vitamin A by our body. While Vitamin A may be most famous for eyecare, it also can provide huge benefits to your hair! Because of how it helps the body, having extra Beta Carotene and Vitamin A in your diet thanks to sweet potatoes will help make your hair less dry and dull

Sweet potatoes have a few benefits, like tons of fiber to help your gut, but let’s not overlook the fact one cup of sweet potato nets you seven times your daily requirement of vitamin A! Now that’s fantastic for your eyes, but even better for your hair! Enjoy strength and shine from all that nutrition. 

Curious about how to get sweet potatoes into your day? Healthline offers up the idea of making a baked fry just by peeling or cutting one up and setting them in the oven- personally, I would add just a little salt, and enjoy the salty sweet taste myself.

Shiny Salmon: Omega-3 And You

Oh salmon, ever so classy, pink and always prepared so lavishly. Beyond being a nice healthy indulgence, did you know that nutritious fish like salmon are full of a secret blessing for your hair? It’s Omega-3! Now I had definitely heard about this trendy healthy fatty acid before, but I was shocked to hear all the good it could off for our hair!

Omega-3 is a healthy fat that helps our body build itself up in all kinds of ways. Of most interest to us today is what a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids offers to hair, notably fullness and shine. Your hair will grow faster, and as it does, it will have lots more nice oils that help it stay strong and shiny.

What’s important to take away from salmon today is that our body just does not produce Omega-3 on its own. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient, and fish are a great way to make sure that we get some of this wonder-fat in us. The benefits are massive: it leads to stronger hair, more lustrous and shiny hair and studies even suggest it can prevent hair loss in the long term!

A Quiet Gift from Nature: Green Tea

Green tea! Surely you know all the ways that green tea can keep you healthy, but how about drinking some warm green tea for your hair? The secret this time is a little simpler: circulation! Green tea is famous for helping nutrients get all around your body, and with your blood flowing nice and naturally, there are a huge range of health benefits to enjoy.

So, green tea for hair. The facts say that good circulation will help your hair grow faster on average, which is great for keeping your locks fresh. But what’s even more exciting is the new idea that the EDCG in green tea helps to prevent long term hair loss because of how it helps regulate its growth cycles! That’s a huge relief, and how easy is it to just have a little green tea each morning for that?

If you’re looking for some nice, natural and Japanese green tea after reading all that I have just the place- check out Akebono! Misato Tanaka founded Akebono after getting worn down by work life, and she took her love of green tea from youth to make an amazing taste of Tokyo in the tea her company now sells. 

Ranging from classic Sencha to the Genmaicha adored by Japanese women for its beauty benefits, there’s lots to love in Akebono’s selection of tea! Head on over to their site and take a look for yourself!

This collection features “24/7 Sencha,” “The Secret of Oriental Beauty” and “Amber Hojicha”

So there we have it! I hope one of these fun foods stuck with you, and you can think of a few good beauty nutrients to look out for when planning your diets going forwards! As always, keep enjoying J-Beauty and check in soon for more fun articles on our blog!

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 Arya Arsenault

Studies Japanese language and culture at the University of Massachusetts. Loves Japan’s pop culture and learning about its trends!

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