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Posted on April 09 2020

Are you taking care of your rough hands?

Are you washing your hands with alcohol and soap more often as part of the prevention of the new coronavirus infection? Perhaps your hands are not as soft or smooth as it was before, and you’re not alone.

Hand washing and hand sanitizing, which are performed in order to prevent infection, can result in rough hands because your sebum is removed. Our hands might become more sensitive. I think it is important to moisturize and care for your hands now, more than ever.

Did you know that having rough, damaged hands could actually expose you to more bacteria? Hand roughening not only hurts your hands but also lowers the barrier function that blocks external stimuli, making it easier for bacteria to enter. I don’t know about you, but that does not sound good to me. 

However, preventing infection by hand washing and hand sanitizing is an indispensable measure. Therefore, it is important to care for your hands after hand washing or alcohol disinfection.

San Francisco, where the head office for Cosme Hunt is located, received a “shelter in place” order until May 3rd. Now that many of us have time to spare at home, it might be a good idea to incorporate a new product into your routine to freshen up your feelings and mind. People are looking for ways to de-stress now, and a small change might be a good start. 

Recommended Body Cream

What I would like to introduce this time are Aroma Resort's body milk and cream. This body milk and cream can soften your hands and provide relaxation at the same time. 

Aroma Resort Body Milk is a body milk that contains vegetable and fruit essences containing various vitamins and beauty oils that are so beneficial to us!

Here are what we currently have on our website:

  1. Aroma Resort Body Milk (Fantastic Berry)
  2. Aroma Resort Body Milk (Happy Sweet Peach)
  3. Aroma Resort Body Milk (Dreamy Bloom Rose)
  4. Aroma Resort Body Milk (Fine Apple&Gardenia)
  5. Aroma Resort Body Cream (Lucentia Muquet&Orange)
  6. Aroma Resort Body Cream (Fig&Lily)

Vitamin in vegetable and fruit essence

  1. Carrot juice containing Vitamin A (moisturizing power)
  2. Broccoli bud extract containing Vitamin B (moisture protection)
  3. Lemon juice containing vitamin C and citric acid (softening keratin, and cleaning agent)

Beauty oils

  1. Jojoba oil (moisturizing)
  2. Vitamin E from avocado oil (produce antioxidant)

Aroma Resort products not only care for the skin but also have a relaxing effect. As you can tell by the product name, the word “aroma” already hints us that the fragrance is a calming, pleasant scent. They have a few options for the scents, so you can choose what best attracts you. Whether you prefer more of a fruity smell or a floral smell, I’m sure it will help you unwind despite the situation we are in. 

Do you want to experience a little happiness every day with body milk that can care for your skin and mind while also being wrapped in the sweet fragrance of fruits and flowers?

Look Ahead

I hope after reading this article, you pay more attention to taking care of your hands and skin. It might be easy to get so caught up sanitizing and washing your hands, that we forget the aftercare for our hands. Nevertheless, it is crucial to stay healthy and clean especially in times like this.  

In Japan, there are many amazing products for your beauty and health! They are not only for external care but for internal care as well. 

When the quarantine is all over, we all want to look and feel amazing, so let’s start with something small like moisturizing

Thanks for reading my article! See you soon!

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 Mayuko Fujiki

Studying business in Seattle after finished studying Western History in Japan. Loves eye shadows and curious about skincare and beauty foods!


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