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Posted on November 22 2020

Hello again my fellow Cosme Hunters! I hope you’ve had a truly lovely autumn in whatever safe and celebratory way works for you. I got to have a really lovely fall day with friends and family on Halloween, and then suddenly it was snowing! Where did autumn go?

Really, from maple syrup to leaf shaped cookies, anything that comes from the forest this time of year feels exceptionally fall-like to me, and honey squarely falls into that category. Before the leaves fall away for good, I want to bring your attention to one more way to get warm and cozy with the power of nature—honey!

What’s all the buzz about?

Beyond the cute honeybees, honey has a ton of potential to help out your hair, and nobody knows that better than the brand of the week: &honey. Their absolutely gorgeous line of hair moisturizing products is one of my absolute favorites in the Cosme Hunt lineup, and this is a perfectly seasonal time to splurge on some natural and fragrant honey.

The line uses a special blend of New Zealand’s Manuka Honey and Hungary’s Acacia Honey in addition to good, old fashioned raw honey from Japan. The specific benefits vary from type to type, but there are certain commonalities that make all honey types absolute gems for hair quality.

Healthline brings up a series of very impressive and medically backed benefits that honey has for your hair! For starters, like with most natural ingredients, it’s full of vitamins and minerals in different degrees that will be great for feeding and conditioning your hair. It also speeds up the growth of all kinds of cells, so you can look forward to sped up hair growth too.

Now, here is where things get interesting, so hear me out on this. Honey helps raise hydrogen peroxide levels according to many studies, and this means extended use of honey on hair can actually make it a natural hair color lightener! If it works for your hair, what a fantastic natural alternative to hair bleach.

Next, honey has emollient and humectant properties. These words were super new to me, so I had to do a little research to double check that it all made sense, and I do trust the author on this one! Emollients help to smooth out hair follicles, so that’s going to improve shine on dull strands. Humectants help to trap water so that makes honey excellent for hair moisture. Not bad!

Acacia & Manuka Honey

&honey makes use of two very special kinds of honey, native to New Zealand and Hungary respectively. These are huge exports for both countries, and they have a very special place in the cultures of each. Plus, they have unique properties that are going to add the hair care concoction you’re trying out too. Sweet!

Acacia honey got a very loving article in the Hungary Daily News that helped me to understand its fantastic little history. So, Acacia Honey can only be made when little bees specifically visit Acacia plants for their pollination efforts. This takes extra effort on the side of the farmers, but it’s totally worth it. Historians say that Hungary has been harvesting honey since medieval times, when monks and teachers often took up the trade!

The special Acacia honey has a taste like no other in the world, and gets exported all across Europe to people with fine tastes in honey. It also gets used in really nice shampoo! Having it included in &honey’s line adds a special piece of unique value and tradition to make the product even more global and exciting.

Next, we have the Manuka honey from New Zealand! This too has to be harvested specifically from one bush, the Manuka bush. People take this very seriously because high levels of certain chemicals can give Manuka honey absolutely record breaking antibiotic properties compared to other strains of honey from around the world.

Wait, antibiotic? Yes, that’s right! New Zealand and Australia have been using Manuka honey as medicine for ages! It sits in a very old and special place in their farming cultures. What’s cool is that the country of New Zealand is now attempting to get a sort of copyright and legal protection for their honey. It’s very cool to see that countries like Hungary and New Zealand take pride in their special honey exports!

The Line: &honey Hair Care

Here comes the main event! The deep moisture line you have been waiting for is divided into three steps, aptly numbered. 1.0 & 2.0 are shampoo and moisture treatment, boasting the “three honey blend” and all natural ingredients. What makes these products different (besides their gorgeous packaging) are their aromas. 2.0 is a little calmer with Lavender Honey smell, and the 1.0 shampoo has a sweet, Peony Honey scent. 

Before moving on to the final stage, it’s important to note step 1.5, the moisture treatment pack! This is meant to be used between 1.0 and 2.0, and has a nice unique Etoile Honey smell. Sophisticated!

Lastly and most importantly comes step 3.0, the hair oil! This is a simply stunning package job, especially if you can get the seasonally specific cherry blossom themed one with a matching sakura aroma to it. The product itself is smooth, 100% natural and extremely helpful for your hair’s moisture! Its unique scent is definitely my favorite, too: Fairy Rose Honey with natural Centifolia Rose. How dreamy is that?

All products available at Cosme Hunt!

How was learning about honey’s benefits? I really loved looking into this, and I’ve recommended the &honey 3.0 oil to friends so often! It’s all simply stunningly presented and richly crafted. From the special bees from around the world to the loving little ribbons on the packaging, it is a heartwarming line.

If you’re extremely excited for this line like you should be, check out the 30% OFF SALE at Cosme Hunt this month! &honey is extremely ready to be yours for a discounted price. 

That’s all from me for today. I hope you had some fun learning about honey and hair today. Try to get some nice fall fun in before the hollie jollies take over next month! Until next time, this has been your friend at the Cosme Hunt blog!


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 Arya Arsenault

Studies Japanese language and culture at the University of Massachusetts. Loves Japan’s pop culture and learning about its trends!

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