Best Remedies for Your Dry Skin: F Organics

Posted on February 16 2019

Since I was a little kid, I have been bothered by my skin conditions and skin problems. Not only my face, but my arms, legs, and back get really dry (called xerosis) and sometimes even  itchy especially in the cold weather (winter itch), and I’ve been trying to put some cleansers, lotions, creams, humidifier and whatever on my skin on every day after hot baths or hot water showering.

What causes extremely dry skin?

There are a bunch of arguments and medical advices about the causes of dry skin between dermatologists. Potential causes of dry skin might include:

  • Weather (Cold weather in winter months) – It also can be itchy skin. 
  • Low humidity – It might decrease our humidity levels.
  • Hot baths and hot water showering -That’s what I did! 
  • Harsh soaps and detergents 
  • Other skin conditions  

When I was working at Cosme Kitchen (that is a Japanese select shop of organic cosmetics collecting products from all over the world), I made a fateful encounter with “F organics”. The wonderful bland saved me from whole year lasting my sensitive skin, and I have become to be able to love my “moisturizing” and “resilient” skin.

What is F Organics?

F organics is Cosme Kitchen’s original bland, that means, that bland was made in Japan.

Organic cosmetics have been becoming popular in these few years in Japan, but still, haven’t gained citizenship compared with other “non-organic cosmetic brands” (the revenue of organic cosmetics is only 1% among the whole cosmetics market). F organics is trying to collapse organic cosmetics’ images like “good for eco, but not effective”, or “the packages and smells like earth”.

The concept of F Organics

The concept of F organics is “organic is sexy” (wow). This brand is focusing on the root cause of “aging”, which is skin dry and unbalancing of female hormone. The main target of this bland is of course women, but it actually suitable for men too. The products’ fabulous fragrance deal with the unbalancing of hormone and moisture components helps severe dry skins.

Two main fragrances are damask rose and frankincense. Damask rose has been grown in Bulgaria. The smell is effective to make our mind relaxed, and to our skin, it works to adjust the texture. Frankincense also works to our feeling to be relaxed, balancing our sebum, and prevent skin irritation.

The reason I wrote “this bland is good for men too” is because of the effect of balancing sebum, since men usually have much sebum compared to women. The moisture components are pomegranate fruit and Onopordum acanthium. Pomegranate fruit contains a lot of estrogens, which is a sort of female hormone, and it helps the skin to get moisture and smooth-textured.

Onopordum acanthium helps to prevent irritation caused by dryness. It also activates and adjusts the turnover of our skin. The combination of fragrance and moisture component works to pull out the best balance of our skin and mind.

Okay, I think I wrote too much about effects. So I want to introduce my most favorite products from F organics next!

What can I do for extremely dry skin with F Organics?

Here are the most favorite products from F Organics. Take a look at them!

1. Moisture Lotion

First one is “Moisture Lotion”. This moisturizer includes “Aphanothece sacrum polysaccharide”, which has 5 times more moisturizing power than that of hyaluronic acid (!). Aphanothece sacrum polysaccharide is a kind of alga, which only grows in the Aso area, Kyushu Japan. It makes my skin very very moisture, but it’s never sticky but very smooth. I would like to recommend this item for women who don’t like the sticky texture of skincare items. I think this would be preferred by men too.

Each time I use the lotion I push for twice spread in my hands, and press on my face. I enjoy the wonderful fragrance of rose, frankincense, and ylang-ylang, feeling like my femininity is increasing and increasing. Lol

Since this lotion is not sticky at all, I sometimes use it for face pack. I push the lotion several times on cottons, and put them on my face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. After removing the cotton you will be surprised how your own skin is moisturized, I swear!

2. UV Protect Base

The second product I’d like to introduce to you is a sunscreen cream called “UV Protect Base”. It is often said UV protect base is such an important part of our skincare routine to protect our skin cells and top layer from skin diseases. The common causes of skin diseases can become from these. I use this product as an alternative to foundation. It contains plum fruit extract and lemon juice which gives brightening to our skin. It also includes peals that are made of natural mineral called Mica, and it gives brightness and emollients to our sensitive skin.

I love UV Protect Base because not only this can save my skin from ultraviolet, but also it contains skincare components, which means this is enable to save my skin and treat my skin at the same time.

f-organics foundation swatch

Look Ahead

How was my first article and reviews on F Organics products? I hope you would find some inspiration from my post! If you are really in trouble and want to deal with your sensitive skin such as dry and even itchy skin, F organics can be your resolution. I would like to recommend this brand to everybody, and I would be very happy if you like it!

Thanks for reading my first article! See you soon! 


Noriko Matsumura

Travel & Cosmetics lover❤️She used to work at Cosme Kitchen, beauty select Shops in Japan.




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