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Posted on August 07 2020


If you are a beauty fan, you definitely have heard about K-beauty before. What about J-Beauty? Don’t worry if you are not familiar with that! Here are some interesting and exciting articles about J-Beauty you should check! We can quickly read and compare how each beauty article defines J-beauty! Even if you think that you know about J-beauty, you must find new interests in it here!

1. Customers Globally Prioritize Quality within Skincare

K-beauty, J-beauty, C-beauty.

Summary of this article:
The K-Beauty industry has spread, both locally and internationally, since the early 2000s. On the other hand, this year, Japan, rich heritage as a beauty manufacturing leader, and China are the two biggest hotspots to watch for the beauty industry because of its products based on new high technology and ancient historical techniques.

What is J-beauty?
- Beauty products from Japan: “ Efficacy, high-quality and benefit-led features”
- ”Almost entirely around creating efficacious and science-backed formulations”

Source: Beyond a K-beauty ‘powerhouse’? Why J-beauty and C-beauty are the 2020 hotspots to watch

2. Innovation with Long-Term Reliability

Skincare, Texture, Technology

Summary of this article:
J-beauty's philosophy is similar to healthcare philosophy that focuses on anticipation rather than instant emergency superficial cures after the damage has occurred. It is based on scientific research and logic that prove its qualities and benefits. This article includes interviews of Miyabi Kumagai, Shiseido Brand Manager, and Emi Hayashi, Senior Vice President at KOSÉ Corporation.

What is J-beauty?
- ”More about taking the matter in depth with repeat and basing the results on scientific research and logic”
- ”Always been very big in Asia”
- "The quality in textures and the efficacy of the products is far more advance with Japanese science and technology”

Source: Your guide to all things J-Beauty and why it will totally transform your skin

3. J-beauty: Simple and Straightforward

Soft and Plump skin, Simpler, Long-term results

Summary of this article:
Some people might feel that K-beauty and J-beauty, the most famous beauty from Asia, are similar; however, they are quite different. K-beauty is known for a long 10-step skincare routine that requires a lot of effort into it. On the other hand, J-beauty skincare is much more simple and still effective

What is J-beauty?
- ”Accommodate better to different complexions and skin tones and place a higher focus on having clear, translucent skin“
- The aim:  “achieving mochi-hada (mochi skin) meaning the desire to have very soft, plump skin”
- Simpler skincare routine provides you with long term results
- ”The ingredients tend to be all-natural and of the highest quality”
- ”Stick to what they know works best and traditional ingredients”

Source: K-Beauty VS J-Beauty: What Are The Real Differences?

4. Just a Part of the Culture

Natural Ingredients, Science, Technology

Summary of this article:
K-Beauty hits the western countries in around 2014, and some other nations will be next to step into the international beauty industry. Japan, with unique J-beauty technologies, is one of them.

What is J-beauty?
- ”Sophisticated yet simple beauty routines and is inspired by natural ingredients and backed by science and technology.”

Source: Korean Beauty Is No Longer Niche – So What’s Next For Skincare?

5. The Most Promising Luxury Cosmetic Market

Higher quality, innovation, the world’s second beauty market

Summary of this article:
Paris had one of the most exciting and significant events called Cosmetic 360° in 2018. People enjoyed interacting with J-beauty brands such as Shiseido to get to know more about J-beauty.

What is J-beauty?
- ”Whether it’s native Japanese brands, Japanese-influenced brands, or “Made in Japan” brands, the J-label is highly attractive because of its certifying both quality and technology.”

Source: The rise of J-beauty - from japan to the world

6. The Next Huge Global Trend

Effective ingredients, Simper, Cleaner

Summary of this article:
The Japanese cosmetics market is one of the world's largest markets, and J-Beauty probably will be the next huge beauty trend because of its simpler, shorter, and cleaner regimens.

What is J-beauty?
- ”Japanese beauty follows a ‘less is more’ philosophy“

Source: J-Beauty to become the next big cosmetics trend - report

7. "Ageless" Glow

New trend, Mochi Skin, Skincare routine

Summary of this article:
If K-beauty is known for glass skin, what is J-beauty known for…? Mochi skin/ rice-cake skin that is supple, plump, and bouncy skin is the latest J-beauty trend, and you can get that with a simpler skincare routine with fewer products.

What is J-beauty?
- ”Generally avoid a physical exfoliator, believing they can create micro-tears in the skin which can be damaging”

Source: Mochi Skin Is The Latest J-Beauty Trend That Sounds Totally Delicious

8. Revealing One's Natural Beauty

Healthy, Natural, Simple

Summary of this article:
The basic and benefits of J-beauty are simple, but it is also unique. J-beauty aims to have healthy skin that doesn't need much makeup, and it will have success with fewer steps and fewer products than the K-beauty routine.

What is J-beauty?
- ”The skincare is focused on prevention and maintenance for your skin” 
- “The goal is for your skin to be so healthy that it is luminous and there’s little need for makeup.”

Source: What is J-Beauty? Best Japanese beauty skincare products

9. Fully Deserving of the Cult Status

Skincare, Texture, Pigment

Summary of this article:
Recently, J-beauty has been popular as smart skincare, such as a skincare/makeup hybrid with high pigment levels, and now it is the time to know more about it!

What is J-beauty?
- ”Famed for their quality in textures and efficacy of formulations, Japanese beauty brands are regarded as more sophisticated than the west in terms of research and development”


Look Ahead

J-beauty focuses on preparation or maintenance based on scientific research and high-level technology and also sticks to using natural-based ingredients. Do you take an interest in it? We hope you do, and no worries! You don't need to change your entire skincare routine! You can give it a try with a J-Beauty product or two to your skincare routine to see how it works on your skin instead. Our Cosme Hunt website has descriptions for each product, and we hope it would be helpful for you to choose what you want to try!


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