8 Japanese Color Cosmetic Beauty Brands for Summer 2020

Posted on June 15 2020

It is getting warm and warm every day and makes me excited for the summer time! Although this summer might be a little different than normal because of the quarantine, beauty brands are releasing new summer lineups for this coming summer 2020. Getting bored with your everyday makeup routine? Why don’t you try color cosmetics and play with color! It is now shifting to summer and bright color would for sure shine with your summer outfit. Color makeup has been trending in Japanese beauty industry these days, and there are a lot of attractive brands as well. Here are 8 Japanese color cosmetics brands that you should know!


You cannot start talking about Japanese color makeup without ADDICTION’s brilliant eyeshadows. ADDICTION is a Japanese cosmetic brand created by a New York makeup artist, AYAKO. Their products are “simple, chic and highly portable” with a great color performance. Its sophisticated look and great color performance on any skin tone has attracted every woman who loves Japanese cosmetics. This summer, they released the summer 2020 collection with the concept of “KALLARA DAZZLE,” inspired by the Sri Padmabhaswamy temple in India’s southwestern coastal state of Kerala. We have a dedicated separate article on ADDICTION eyeshadows on Cosmehunt blog so check it out!

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In addition to the eyeshadows, ADDICTION also has a color lineup for eyeliner and lipsticks from previous seasons which are vivid and pop up on the face.

2. UZ

UZ is a Japanese cosmetic brand that changed its name from Flowfushi. The concept is “UNFRAME THE BEAUTY” standing for limitless possibility of makeups for everyone. Their EYE OPENING LINER won the allure beauty expert 2019. It has stores in New York and Los Angeles and the uniqueness of the products is getting attention from all over the world. The performance of each color is just perfect and suits any skin tone. With this eyeliner, you can spice up your every makeup.

        - Black, Gray, Brown Black, Brown, Khaki, Burgundy, Navy, Purple, Orange, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, White

    3. LUNASOL

    LUNASOL is an innovative Japanese makeup brand and said to be the master of color with the concept of “EGOISTIC-CHIC” and its unique color collections yet attractive cosmetic lines. This summer, LUNASOL released a new summer lineup called “AQUA CHAOS”. The color lineups remind of “dazzling sunlight” and “the darkness of a deep-sea”, and bring us the brightness of the summer from their lip gloss and eyeshadow palette.

            - 01 Red Gourami, 02 Pink Lagoon, 03 Mellow Mellow, 04 Night Out, 05 Ice Cube, 06 My Steady, 07 Black Rouge, EX01 Emerald Mist [Model Use], EX02 Sugar Filter, EX03 Little Miss, EX04 Red Desert

    From left to right:

    EX02 Sugar Filter, EX01 Emerald Mist, 03 Mellow Mellow, 05 Ice Cube

            - 01 Twilight Sky, 02 Deep Rose Quartz, 03 Butterfly Wing, 04 Terracotta Roof, 05 Serene Night, 06 Breeze Lilac, EX04 Flosty Metallic [Model Use], EX05 Frosty Lagoon

    Left: EX04 Frosty Metalic, Right: EX05 Frosty Lagoon

      4. RMK 

      RMK is one of the most popular high-end brands that has a history from 1997. With the concept of “Color Closet,” it is supporting your personality through the makeup. Now it is one of the leading brands in the beauty industry not only in Japan but also in other countries as well. This summer 2020, it launched a limited summer collection called “SPLASH COLOR MOVEMENT” and their eye-catching color of crayon eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and nail polish has been catching many fans’ eyes.

              - 01 Royal Blue, 02 Electric Blue, 03 Green, 04 Red, 05 Bright Silver

      5. SUQQU

      The name of this brand “SUQQU” expresses “a woman rising on her full height,” meaning the strength and independence of a woman. The brand style is unified as simple and minimal design, attracting a lot of people. Their UK Pre-Summer collection 2020’s concept is “Wildflower Bouquet” and the color lineups reflect “the delicate radiance that flowers display when nurtured by the sun,” representing the beginning of summer days.

      • Designing Color Eyes
      • Volume Eyebrow Mascara

      In contrast to the Pre-Summer collection, the Summer 2020 collection’s concept is “Frozen Summer” and the color lineup reminds of coolness despite the hot weather in the summer.


              - 132 TOUKA [Model Use]


              - 101 HOSHIMABATA [Model Use]

              - 102 HANAGINU

              - 103 SHIMOBIKARI

      6. Shu Uemura

      Shu Uemura is one of the most famous beauty brands worldwidely created by a makeup artist, Mr. Shu Uemura. It is constantly releasing the new trends from Tokyo and “embraces paradoxes: tradition yet modernity, luxury yet fun, practise but also creative.” Now they collaborated with a Japanese shoe brand, Onitsuka Tiger, and as both of the brands are Japanese global brands and pioneers in their respective industry, they are catching eyes from all over the world. Onitsuka Tiger inspired cosmetics are sporty yet elegant colors and great for the upcoming summer season to pump up the mood.

      • Onitsuka Tiger eyeshadow palette

              - Beyond the limit

              - Set the motion

      7. Kate

      Kate is a Japanese cosmetic brand and famous for its cool and sharp style. It is one of the inexpensive brands and is loved by a wide generation in Japan. This May 2020, it released a limited-quantity introduction of 6 colors for eyebrows and eyelashes.

               - PU-1 Pink Purple

               - BR-4 Red Brown

               - GY-1 Olive Gray

               - RD-1 Red Bordeaux

              - BR-1 Orange Brown

              - PU-1 Purple

      8. Excel

      Excel is a Japanese cosmetic brand with the concept of “TOKYO RICH CASUAL”. This brand proposes Tokyo’s trending makeups with a smart and casual performance. Their REAL CLOTHES SHADOW are famous for its color variety and has gained popularity by its reachable color lineups. 

              - CS09 Yellow Tassel [Limited Color], CS10 Aurora Pleats [Limited Color], CS01 Terracotta Bootie, CS02 Pink Mohair, CS03 Rose Pin Heel, CS04 Prum Knit, CS05 Beige Mouton, CS07 Flower Barrette

      Look Ahead

      I believe colors have a great power to control your mood and just looking at these colorful makeups can also bring up the energy. Colorful makeups give people power and energy, and Japanese beauty brands also are releasing these incredible products. As the season is shifting over summer, now it is time to spice up your makeup with color cosmetics and elevate it to the next level!

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       Etsuka Tomonaga

      Was born and grew up in Japan and currently studying global business in college in South California. Loves beauty products and makeups in general, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. 

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