20 Japanese Beauty Products $15 and Under

Posted on February 21 2021

Staying On Budget with J-Beauty

It is so tempting to try out various kinds of beauty products nowadays. I always end up adding item after item to my shopping cart and get discouraged when I check the total price. It’s important to stay on budget and to make sure that you are not spending too much on products that are not suitable to your skin-type. The good news is, there are so many J-beauty products that are budget-friendly with astonishingly high quality! Today, I want to introduce J-beauty products which are under $15 for affordable skincare and makeup. 

In Japan, the term “puchipura” (プチプラ) is used to describe beauty products and fashion items that are inexpensive but cute — fashionable and sophisticated. These “puchipura” cosmetics will surely give you the best affordable solutions. If you are tight on budget but still feeling adventurous to explore more J-beauty products, or if you are new to J-beauty and wondering which products to try out first, here is the list of 20 J-beauty products under $15 that are all available on Cosme Hunt! 

1. Choosy Lip Mask ($2)

First up is this hydrogel mask for your lips. This super cheap moisturizing lip mask is formulated with various nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, coconut, milk, collagen, and more. Also, it contains Vitamin E Collagen that helps to hydrate while softening and smoothing your lips. 

2. Essence Sheet Mask ($4) 

This essence sheet mask is best for intensive pore care and prevents dry skin by keeping your skin moisturized. It is rich with nutrients and contains plenty of beauty serum for extra hydration. AHA ingredients derived from 7 kinds of fruit such as Japanese hawthorn, grapefruit, and jujube clear up your pores for a glowy skin texture. In addition, plant-derived skin tightening ingredients minimize your pores for a flawless complexion. 

3. Hello Kitty Face Mask Narikiri Facepack ($5.50)

Hello Kitty is one of the most iconic Japanese characters, and with this face mask, you can transform yourself into Kawaii Hello Kitty! “Narikiri” means to “get into character” in Japanese. Have fun transforming into Hello Kitty with your friends and family. This cute mask maintains skin elasticity and retains moisture for smooth skin texture. Add a touch of cuteness to your beauty routine with this adorable Sanrio character facial pack! 

Check out this page for different designs (Ninja, Zombie, X-Ray, Daruma) and enjoy transforming into lovely Sanrio characters.

4. Saborino Body and Makeup Cleansing ($8)

This multi-purpose body sheet can complete makeup removal, face washing, and body washing in just a quick second. “Saboru” (サボる) means “to skip out on something you should be doing.” It is a convenient face/body wipe for people who are busy and want to save time. Also, you can use it to wipe your entire body after workout or outdoor activities. A must have item for a hot summer day to refresh your body with a quick wipe!

5. Senka Perfect Whip Facial Wash ($11)

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types as it cleans pores gently and removes makeup thoroughly. It creates fluffy soft and creamy foam, which contains white cocoons (Natural Sericin) and acts as a cushion to protect skin from any harsh cleaning motions.The amazing thing about this cleanser is that it removes impurities without removing precious moisture from your skin. Therefore, your skin doesn’t feel too tight or dry after cleansing.

6. Isshindo Kabuki Face Mask ($11) 

“Kabuki'' is a classical Japanese theater performance, and this beauty mask is inspired by the traditional Japanese makeup style. The mask's design is called “Kumadori,” a special stage makeup worn by Kabuki actors to express the unique characteristics of the role they play. The colors used in Kumadori are red, indigo, black, and brown, depending on the roles. Key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, collagen, and Vitamin C derivative combined with an extract from three Japanese plants including tea leaves, the Satozakura flower, and camellia seeds. 

7. Biore Face Deep Cleansing Scrub ($12)

This cleansing scrub is good for your everyday skincare routine! It helps remove impurities and dirt in the skin while retaining moisture. Also, it maintains healthy skin which leaves the skin feeling smoother and cleaner. 

8. Rilakkuma Under-eye recovery mask ($12) 

This adorable Rilakkuma Under-eye Recovery Mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid and rose extract to keep the skin plumped and moisturized, while niacinamide helps brighten dark circles. Collagen and adenosine will help lift the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give the under eyes a youthful appearance. It comes with 2 pairs of under-eye masks.

9. Rilakkuma Unclogging Nose Pore Strips ($12)

These nose strips are enhanced with charcoal powder to help deep cleanse the skin by drawing out impurities and blackheads while witch hazel potentially tightens the pores to decrease oil secretion. Rose extract and allantoin will help soothe, calm, and heal the nose after exfoliation. It can be applied to all skin types.

10. Rilakkuma Hand Cream ($12)

This hand cream is enriched with shea butter and macadamia nut oil (slows signs of aging and has also been used to improve inflammation in the skin). Rilakkuma Nourishing Hand Cream soothes and softens skin for moisturized, healthy-looking hands. The best part is that it gives smoothness without stickiness! It can be applied to all skin types.

11. Aroma Resort Body Milk/Cream ($12.50)

This moisturizing body cream will hydrate your skin while softening your body with fragrance. The blend of several types of berries creates a refreshing aroma for relaxation. In addition to vitamins from vegetables and fruits, this rich cream is made with cosmetic oil and butter.

12. Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow ($13)

This retractable brow pencil is perfect for creating hair-like strokes, and the fine tip allows for precise application. Three key features include: it’s waterproof, sweat-resistant, and it contains moisturizing ingredients (squalene, chamomile extract, wild rose oil).

13. Samourai Women Travel Set ($13.50) 

This cute little travel set contains shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and an original towel. 11 types of serum ingredients lead to beautiful hair such as royal - jelly, honey, shea butter, etc. The creamy lather shampoo will lead to shiny and beautiful hair, and the rich cream conditioner helps retain hair moisture. Best for people who are having issues dealing with entangled hair! Gently wash your scalp and hair for a soft, glossy hair look. The body soap will moisturize your body with soft foam. 

14. Bifesta Cleansing Foam Sebum ($14)

A carbonated cleansing foam that washes away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells without stripping away at the skin’s moisture. The fizzy action helps with loosening the dirt and impurities within the pores, and it also stimulates blood circulation, giving the effect of a facial massage!

15. Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner ($14)

This sweat-resistant waterproof type eyeliner will make sure that you won’t have a smudged line. It is easy to apply and the tip is good for blurring and blending for a natural look. It contains beauty ingredients including collagen, chamomile extract, camellia oil, squalane, and wild rose oil.

16. SOY ISOFLAVONE NAMERAKA Gel Serum Facial Mask ($14)

This all-in-one face mask takes on 5 roles (lotion, serum, milky lotion, cream, pack). It contains a luxurious blend of three special soybean-derived ingredients and adopts a 100% cotton-based sheet mask that is gentle on the skin and closely adheres to the eyes.The newly developed jelly texture essence gives you high moisture replenishment and durable moisturizing performance. The low-irritating and eco-friendly cotton mask sheet that gives you a comfortable feel. Learn more about SOY ISOFLAVONE products here.

17. Saborino Masks ($14)

This 3-in-1 face mask cleanses, tones, and primes your skin in just a minute. Unlike other facial masks that require you to leave a mask on for 10-15 minutes, it will only take 60 seconds to prep your skin for a refreshing outcome. It also helps tighten your pores while moisturizing your skin. You can learn more about what makes Saborino Masks special here!

18. AVANCE Eyelash Extension Protect Mascara ($15)

This mascara will coat your lashes with a protective layer to ensure that your eyelash extensions are not damaging your natural lashes. It keeps both the lashes and extensions light and curled upwards for a refreshed look. It is important to take care of your lashes since extensions can be harmful!

19. Senka Speedy Perfect Whip ($15)

A foaming cleanser that dispenses into a fine foam to get your cleansing needs done quickly and efficiently, the consistency is light and silky, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. It is suitable for normal and dry skin types. It contains hydrating components such as amino acid, silk essence, and double hyaluronic acid to smooth and keep the skin barrier's moist.

20. Hadalabo Shirojun Premium Milky Lotion ($15)

A light-weight, milky emulsion lotion that helps neutralize and prevent dark spots and pigmentation caused by sun exposure (UV damage). It tones, brightens, and improves the skin’s radiance. It will leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. 

Affordable J-Beauty Solutions

Inexpensive products can also give you satisfying results, and J-beauty is especially known for “puchipura” cosmetics which have been adored and praised by many people in Japan and internationally. These high quality products with affordable prices will open so many doors to explore J-beauty. Just make sure to choose products that work best for your skin-type, and check the ingredients for an effective outcome. I hope this list of J-beauty $15 and under helps you discover the wonders of J-beauty! 

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 Sayaka Kato

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