Introducing Cosme Hunt : Welcome to the J beauty world!

Posted on September 01 2017

 Hello, we are Cosme Hunt!
We are incredibly excited to introduce Cosme Hunt!

Cosme Hunt was born in San Francisco 2017 when founder Chloe Wu moved from Vancouver!

She is originally from Japan and had difficulty finding a right cosmetics that match her skin type in Vancouver and San Francisco.

She also met so many friends who want to know more about Japanese Beauty and cosmetics.

So she decided to create the world that brings only the best and most innovative Japanese makeup, skincare, and beauty trends by using the power of technology,

and here Cosme Hunt is!

Our goal is  to create a curated destination site
that makes all the best beauty products and the latest skincare 
from Japan accessible to beauty-forward women around the world!
Cosme Hunt will change the way you think about your skin and how you treat it!
We look forward to sharing our experience and passion for beauty with you,  
and demystify the wonderful world of Japanese beauty!

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