Japanese Face Moisturizers Everyone Knows: HADARABO

Posted on June 03 2019

If you are J-beauty lover you might probably hear of Hada Labo.
when I knew that everyone talks about Hada Labo, I was so surprised because its products were born in 2004 in Japan and they were my go-to skincare products when I was in junior high school!
The company which produced Hada Labo is called “ROHAT Pharmaceutical” established in 1949 and it’s been one of the biggest health & beauty companies with a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia.
This company named this most popular line as "Hada Labo" (Hada means skin in Japanese and Labo as a Laboratory.) and launched it with a vision "Perfect Simple". The CEO wanted to keep it simple and fewer ingredients with simple packaging as much as they can so people can focus on only uncompromisingly ingredients that will deeply moisturize the skin.
Another reason for Hada Labo's popularity is its affordable price. Simple, affordable and effective. There is no reason that you give it a shot!
Since then, ROAHT has been rolling out various types of products such as,  Hadalabo Moisturizing Mask, Gokujun Face Mask, Hadalabo whitening gel, Hadalabo es Deep Moisture Cream, Hadalabo Gokujyun Cleansing oil etc...
Today I'm so happy that we are able to introduce you Hada Labo products on Cosme Hunt! We'll be shortly adding their products but for now, we only have 4 products because we don't want you to get confused yet!

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