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Posted on September 04 2020

Introduction to Our Flower Jelly Lipstick-Lip Balm Hybrid

Kailijumei’s flagship color-changing lipstick was trendy back in 2016. Quite a few members of the online beauty community reviewed the versions of the jelly lipstick sold on Kailijumei’s US website. The lipstick also comes in liquid matte, lip gloss, gold flake lip gloss, sparkly lip gloss, and pearl lip gloss varieties on Kailijumei’s website.

These products, as great as they are, are not the flower jelly lipsticks we sell. Ours are hydrating lip tint products that are sold in Japan exclusively: KJ Flower Tink Lip N (Oil-in). Since it includes olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and other moisturizing products, they’re more like a light lip balm that leaves a lovely, bright pink tint that lasts for several hours. I prefer this product to the original lipsticks, to be honest. This is usually an item you can only buy in Japan, but with Cosme Hunt, you don’t have to worry about that!

About the Moisturizing Effects

The oils that are included in our flower jelly lipstick are noted for their beneficial moisturizing effects on the skin. Jojoba oil, olive fruit oil, and sunflower seed oil all contain nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy

To keep your skin from becoming wrinkled, dry, and damaged, you need essential fats to trap moisture in the lip and protect the weak skin underneath from damage. This goes double for omega-3 fatty acids, which are largely lacking in Western diets and which your body can’t produce on its own. Olive fruit oil contains both omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids, which are compounds that act in similar ways to omega-3 fatty acids. Sunflower oil and jojoba oil both contain linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, and oleic acid, an antioxidant and omega-9 fatty acid. 

Equally as important to beautiful skin are vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that help fight cell breakdown and photoaging, so anything with those in them should help keep your lips looking plump and youthful. Jojoba oil contains E and B (which helps the skin renew and protect itself from damage and infection), sunflower oil contains quite a lot of vitamin E and a respectable amount of vitamin K (which helps heal wounds), and olive fruit oil contains vitamins A, D (which helps grow bones and regulate emotions), E, and K.

If a lip product is
good for your lips and looks wonderful, that puts it way ahead of the competition in my book.

 About the Different Colors and Color Change 

About the Different Colors and Color Change

The clear lipstick bullet is as gorgeous and dreamy as the other flower jelly lipsticks that Kailijumei makes, and the rose gold of the casing complements the delicate pink of the encapsulated flower and the gold flakes. This is a lipstick that I enjoy just looking at, not to mention wearing. The flower inside appears to be real as well, which, to me, adds a very soft, cute effect. If the real flowers inside are the same as the ones in the original flower jelly lipstick, it should be a marguerite daisy (or another, similar flower) dried in the paste. Kailijumei’s official Japanese Instagram has better photos to really show off the loveliness of this product.

As for the color change itself, it changes fully after about 10 minutes. It sharts out at a light rose pink, and as your body temperature rises and your lips heat up, the color darkens to more hot pink. The exact shade of pink varies according to your skin’s pH, so the color is personalized to you! 

Here’s the color change on my skin:

 Here are my lips without any product on them.

Here, I have actually applied a layer of the flower jelly lipstick to my upper lip. It hasn’t quite warmed up yet, so it’s still clear. It went on smoothly and had a light feel. It didn’t have an oily texture at all. It had a pleasant (if artificial) scent, sort of like cotton candy or Dippin’ Dots™.

Here, I’ve just finished applying the flower jelly lipstick.

Here it is a few minutes after initial application (and in different lighting).

Finally, this picture is after about 7 hours. I ate foods that included oils, drank various beverages, wore a mask, and vomited after I accidentally ate a blueberry with soap on it (oopsie). Still, even after all that, the lip tint stain is still hanging on!

The color change wasn’t very dramatic in my case, possibly because of unfavorable pH or low body temperature. I’ve noticed the color is darker on different days

 Here is a picture of when our own Chloe tried the red variety of the flower jelly lipstick. 

As you probably noticed, the different varieties of flower jelly lipstick don’t have very different results. Your lips turn roughly the same color no matter which kind you buy. If KJ Flower Tink Lip N (Oil-in) is the same as the original, “The names of the different colors refer to the flowers inside of the tube, not to the lipsticks themselves” (according to Kailijumei’s international site). This is really the only thing that disappoints me about this product. I would advise picking a color based on which flower and metal color combination you prefer, not on the color you imagine it should have when on your lips.


The adorable, long-lasting shade of pink this flower jelly lipstick leaves on my lips is an excellent addition to my lip color collection.  Other lipsticks might have a similar color, but it would be hard to beat the long-lasting lip tint KJ Flower Tint Lip N (Oil-in) has. How the product looks by itself is reason enough for me to buy it, if I’m being honest. That it works well makes it triply worth the money.

If this has sounded good to you so far, chances are, you should try it out at least once!

Again, here’s the product I used:

Here’s the version with a red flower:

Lastly, here’s the version with a pink flower:

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Lauren Goff

Lauren is a writer who spent two years teaching English in Japan and is curious about skincare products. Though she lives in America now, she is still in love with Tohoku. Her short stories and essays can be found in The Vortex Magazine of Literature and Art and Cirsova.

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